Welcome Bonuses Explained

For those of you checking out new online casinos, you may have come across a commonly offered bonus – the welcome bonus. For many newcomers this is a new concept but players who have been around a while know it well. A welcome bonus is an incentive put in place by online casinos to make themselves more enticing to players. It can come in a number of different forms but is usually free money, free spins, cashback offers or loyalty points that can then be used in the casino. These bonuses have a catch, though, as they are only offered to those of you who actually take the time to sign up to the casino.

Players who do end up joining the casino will usually find that the bonuses do not stop at the welcome one. With increasing pressure to gain and retain players. Online casinos are creating more and more bonuses designed at encouraging players to stick around. But these bonuses are for another time and will not be discussed here.

For both new and old players

There are a number of different things that new and old players should look out for when searching for a top-notch welcome bonus. For example, they should check out the percentages offered. Whether a deposit is needed or not in order to claim the bonus, what games the bonus can be played on and whether the casino itself is even trustworthy. This last one is possibly the most important as players could find the best bonus in the world. Only to discover that the casino won’t pay out and you are simply going to lose all your money.

With this in mind, it is important to check out the ratings of the casino. Read some player reviews, and to check out whether it holds a license or not. If it meets all the requirements, then you’re good to go. In the following article we will outline and discuss the various aspects that will help you pick out a great welcome bonus. And also how to get the best out of it.

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Match Deposit Welcome Bonus

The most common of all the welcome bonuses is the match deposit. This is possibly the most lucrative of the three types as the value is the greatest from the start. Match deposits will vary between casinos but for the most part. The casino will match 100% on the deposit amount that you make. Now, there are usually limits to the minimum and maximum amount that can be deposited so the match will also be limited. For the most part. Casinos have a minimum requirement of £20 in order to qualify for the bonus. However, things can vary greatly.

Some casinos will offer as much as £1000 whilst others just to a value of £100. Some casinos will also only offer 50% or 25% match deposits but this doesn’t mean they’re not worth it. For example, a casino offering 100% match up to £50 will see you able to play with £100 if you deposit the maximum. On the other hand, a casino with a 50% match up to £100 will give you a total of £150 to play with.

Sign up

In order to claim a match deposit bonus, players must sign up to the casino. Following all registering requirements such as being over 18 and residing in an eligible jurisdiction. Once the registration is complete, players can then opt in or activate their match deposit. Depending on the set up of the casino. Players may need to input a bonus code during the registration in order to participate or simply click an opt-in button once the process is complete.

The player account should be automatically credited with the money as soon as registration is complete and the deposit has been made. Now the fun part starts. You can start playing! The casino will put a little damper on proceedings however, as there are wagering requirements to be observed. These come in a number of different forms. All of which we will explain in the wagering section so that you don’t get caught out. All we can say here, though, is to make sure that you read the fine print before accepting any of the casino bonuses.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are the Holy Grail in the world of online casinos. Once a rather popular bonus, these are gradually being faded out as, truth be told, casinos were losing out. No-deposit bonuses are exactly as they sound, they award a bonus for nothing; you don’t need to commit any money to the casino to get it. In order to grab one of these deposits, all you have to do is sign up to the casino – as with the match deposit bonuses, players should abide by all the registration requirements.

Otherwise their bonus and any winnings will be forfeited. Unlike match deposit bonuses. However, no-deposit bonuses tend to be much smaller in size. Often these are simply £5 credited directly to your account. Similar to the match deposit, these can usually be played on any game within the casino, though this isn’t always the case, so players should check to see if there is in fact a limit to the games it can be used with.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements will differ between casinos so this is something important to compare before settling on a bonus. Essentially, wagering requirements are the number of times that a player must play through the bonus money and any winnings they might accrue from playing before they can make any withdrawals. For the most part, wagering requirements tend to be anywhere from 20x through to 50x with the majority sitting somewhere in the middle at 35x. Of course, the lower the requirement, the more chances players have of actually succeeding in achieving their goal and being able to withdraw their winnings.

Wager-free bonuses are rare and should be snapped up if seen. So, to put it simply, if a casino offers a wagering requirement of 20x and the player has a bonus of £10, this £10 must be played through 20 times in the game. This means that a total of £200 needs to be played through for the winnings to be withdrawn. It sounds a lot but it is doable and the alternative is to lose the bonus completely.

Slots – best for wagering

Players should also note that many wagering requirements will also come with game weightings. This means that not all games will count towards the wagering requirement play through in an equal way. Generally, slot games will fulfil the wagering requirement at 100%, so any bets made on them will completely count. Other games such as virtual table games might count towards the requirement but at a lower percentage, sometimes just 25%.

This means that if you place a £1 bet on a table game, it will only take 0.25 off the wagering requirement rather than the full dollar that would be taken if you played on a slot. Some games may not even count towards the requirement at all. Why are we telling you this? Well, in order to actually have a shot at reaching the requirement and being able to cash out, you should be spending the bonus money on games that count. Yes, you’ll get some experience on other games, but wait until you can use your bonus winnings to do so!

Is it Worth Taking a Welcome Bonus?

The short answer here is yes. If you take a welcome bonus you are only getting positives, even if you don’t actually walk away with a bucket load of cash. Match deposit bonuses essentially double your money so that you can check out more games. This is essential if you want to be successful in this online world. To be fair, all these bonuses stretch your cash a little bit further, allow you to explore more of the casino and even play on games you might not have given a second thought. In short, they help to get you invaluable experience.

If you’re careful with your bonus and abide by the wagering requirements, you may also see success in winnings too, walking away with some extra pennies afterwards. Of course, if you can nab yourself a risk-free no deposit bonus then you’re even more likely to walk away a little richer, though you will have to complete those wagering requirements first and possibly reach a minimum withdrawal limit as well.

How to Clear Wagering Requirements Quickly

Wagering requirements are a necessary evil to prevent against money laundering. However, for the rest of us, we want to be able to get through these as quickly as possible and here’s how. Your best shot is to shop around and pick a bonus with the lowest wagering requirement – something under 20 times is usually a good bet. This means you can meet the requirement a lot faster. As we already outlined, you should also choose to play games that only count at 100% towards the requirement. You should also try and avoid cashing out early. If you haven’t reached the wagering requirement and are too keen, well you might just forfeit the entire bonus by accident.

Similarly, don’t take too long to reach the requirement as many of the casinos put a time limit on this. Usually you’ve got 30 days from the time the bonus was received but some casinos do have shorter periods such as two weeks, so again, read the terms and conditions!

Why do Casinos Offer Welcome Bonuses?

The world of the online casino is a growing one and with this comes increased competition between sites. Casinos make their money from players but to even begin to do so, they need you playing at their site. In an ever increasing bid to stand out, casinos vie with one another to market themselves to be as attractive to potential players as possible. The ultimate goal for an online casino is to get the new player to make a deposit as this means the player will be more invested, potentially coming back again and again, depositing more money.

Unfortunately for players, this is why those no-deposit bonuses are slowly on the out – players can use it and leave. Added to that, many players abused this system, simply signing up and almost instantly cashing out after completing the requirements, thus causing the casino to lose money. So, with ever more lucrative welcome offers, lower wagering requirements and a greater game selection, online casinos hope to entice you in, get you hooked and keep you coming back.

Final Words on Welcome Bonuses

If used correctly, welcome bonuses can be an invaluable source of entertainment, experience and of course a little bit of money. It is vital though that you, as a player, make sure to follow all the requirements that are attached so as not to get tripped up when cashing out, or trying to! It is important to compare welcome bonuses across casinos but of course there is nothing stopping you from signing up to multiple casinos and making use of their bonuses. In fact this could be a great way to see which of the casinos, games or environments you actually like best. However, we cannot stress enough the importance of having only one account at each specific casino.

Having more is not allowed and getting caught will most likely get you blocked, banned and any winnings, even legitimately won, will be forfeited. At the end of the day, shop around, find the best deal and play responsibly. Why not go out now and find yourself that perfect welcome bonus to get you started.

Reload Bonuses

If you have played for any length of time at an online casino, you may have seen something called reload bonuses crop up. Reload bonuses are actually very similar to a match deposit welcome bonus in that they require you to make a deposit at the casino, which the casino will then match. However, they tend to be offered at a lower percentage than the original welcome one, though they get awarded more often. In order to qualify for this bonus, you must have already been playing at the specific casino and have made at least a single deposit on their site.

Reload bonuses are awarded to customers that are loyal to the casino. The online casino world is getting more and more competitive as the years pass, and with that in mind it is important for casinos to not only get new players but to keep the long term ones as well. If these bonuses were not offered, casinos might find that players simply hopped between welcome bonuses, never sticking it out at any one particular casino. This little extra show of care from the casino can mean the difference between a player passing through and one that stays on for the long term.

Reload Bonuses Linked to Welcome Deposits

The most common way that you will see a reload bonus is actually in conjunction with the welcome bonus. Not to be confused with the welcome bonus itself, these reload bonuses get activated once the player has made use of the initial match deposit welcome bonus. When you compare the reload bonuses, you notice that the values tend to work on a tiered scale, with each additional deposit offering a smaller percentage in match but also allowing the player to deposit a greater amount in order to reap this reward. When players make it to the end of the reload bonus scheme, the amount generally increases again.

For example, the welcome bonus might be 100% match up to £100. Once the player has accepted this, the reload bonuses would then be available for use. The second deposit might just be 50% match up to a value of £50 and the third a match of 25% on a value of £50. However, this can cause players to lose interest as they may begin to think that it isn’t really worth it. So with that in mind, the fourth bonus will often jump right back up again to 100% and with an even higher match value than the original welcome deposit.

Other Reload Bonuses

For many casinos, reload bonuses will come around every so often to keep loyal players happy. Sometimes this is in line with a special occasion or a particular boost in promotion. Reload bonuses can also be earned if the player is part of a loyalty program. These loyalty programs are usually tiered with players earning points as they play. Once a goal has been reached, players can cash out these points for a reward. In many cases this reward is in the form of a reload bonus with a low wagering requirement, giving you a better chance of winning that deposited money back again.

Some casinos offer recurring reload bonuses. These tend to be set to a specific day of the week and will occur week in week out. Any player can join this type of bonus as long as they fulfill the casino’s requirements which are usually along the lines of the player needing to have made a specified minimum deposit within the parameters of that week. These bonuses are less than welcome bonuses tend to be and can be anywhere from 30% through to 50%. This might not seem as great as the welcome bonus but a deposit of £60 at 40% can still get you an extra £24 boost.

Wagering Requirements

Players will find wagering requirements in place with reload bonuses. However, similar to the deposit-match percentages being lower on reload bonuses than welcome bonuses, the wagering requirements also tend to be a little lower. This makes reload bonuses even more attractive when you think about them in the long term. You may get less extra cash to wager on your favourite games but the money will be easier to clear. Wagering requirements come in many different forms so it is always wise to read through the requirements on each of the reload bonuses on offer. Reading the fine print will often separate the good bonus offers from the great ones.

With that in mind a wagering requirement of around 20x is generally considered to be a good one as it is more likely to be achieved. Simply put, any bonus you receive must be played through this specified number of times before you can make a withdrawal. If the bonus is £20 and the wagering requirement is 20x then you’ll have to play through to a value of £400. Players should also check the game weightings for these requirements to make sure that they are playing the ones that give 100% towards the requirements so as to reach the end faster.

Should You Use a Reload Bonus?

If you are planning on staying at a casino for the long term, or have already been at an online casino for a while, accepting reload bonuses helps to add a bit of extra value to your experience. The bonus money can help stretch a bankroll quite a bit further than many imagine it can. Additionally, reload bonuses can be the key to trying out a new game and discovering a whole new world of excitement. Reload bonuses that come with free spins are even better, as you have the chance to trigger any number of in-slot bonus features, potentially upping that winning potential.

Final Words on Reload Bonuses

If you are planning on sticking around at a particular casino for a long period of time, then it is well worth taking advantage of these reload bonuses. They do offer a great little incentive and can simply tide you over in some of those dry spells. As with any bonus, however, take careful note of the wagering requirements so as not to get caught out. It can also be worth your while to check out the availability of reload bonuses before you make you final decision on the casino you wish to play at – some forward planning here can really be lucrative in the long run.

Campaign Bonuses

Casinos always offer bonuses of some kind or another in an effort to bring in new players to their site. In such a competitive world, this is one of the ways that they can stay ahead of their competition, standing out from the crowd so that players will choose them. Because of this, bonuses can come in all sorts of shapes, forms and sizes, each with different requirements, depending on the casino that it is at. One of the more exciting of these bonus options is the campaign bonus which casinos will offer from time to time just to keep things interesting.

Campaign bonuses tend to come attached to an event of some kind. Often this is in the run up to Christmas, Easter or maybe even the impending summer holidays. In some cases, these campaign bonuses may be linked to launched events or even to sporting events such as the recent Football World Cup. Whatever the campaign, the casino often artfully mixes elements of the bonus with the theme, creating a much more interesting and often on-going series of bonuses. The best part about these is that these campaign bonuses can actually encompass a number of the best features from regular bonuses found throughout the year.

Holiday Campaigns

As we mentioned, one of the common ways that casinos will offer a range of bonuses is through a holiday special. Christmas, in particular, is a great time for campaign bonuses as they can cover the casino in snow, add little Santas to the proceedings, and if they have a mascot, dress that up in Christmas attire as well. Conveniently, Christmas also comes with a ready laid daily present plan in the form of the Advent Calendar. Many casinos opt to use this convenient tool in order to advertise numerous mini bonuses, requiring players to sign in each day to see what prize they’ve won.

Easter and summer holidays are also used in this fashion with daily prizes on offer. The main theme here, though, is that for players to access these bonuses, they will have to sign in each day, bringing them back to the casino again and again. These small prizes can cover a wide range of things from being a couple of free spins on a specific game, to small cash bonuses and even mini match deposits. As with all bonuses, there are requirements attached, and in some cases, the player must adhere to the rules in terms of the deposit amount.

New Game Launches

Another common campaign occurs when there is a new game about to be released onto the casino site. Quite often this is a slot game, which then lends itself quite well to having a few bonuses surrounding it. The aim of these types of campaigns is to pique player interest in this new game – after all, the casino has gone to the trouble of acquiring it and doesn’t want it to flop on release. These campaigns tend to have a run up period with advertising for the game alongside the bonuses that will come with it if the player is to play it.

These often include bonuses such as getting players to deposit on the specific release date and then earning themselves free spins on the game in question. Often, this is a decent number around the 50 mark, in order to make it worth the player’s while to test out a brand new game – bear in mind, players are often sceptical of new games, not knowing how they work or the payout rates and are less likely to play them. This campaign will usually only last a few days surrounding the initial release, but will offer multiple chances to grab some free spins on the game.

Wagering Requirements

As with all bonuses, campaign bonuses will have wagering requirements attached. These are essentially the number of times that players will need to play through either the winnings from free spins or the money matched by the casino. Requirements will vary between casinos with some offering as little as 2x and others as much as 50x. We hardly need to point out that the higher the wagering requirement, the harder it is for a player to achieve it and walk away with their winnings. With that in mind we do urge players to check all these details before signing up for a bonus.

To make it a little easier to understand, if a player has £5.00 in bonuses that they’ve won and the wagering requirement is 20x, then the player must play through that £5.00 to the value of £100.00. This may seem like a lot but if players are patient, it can be achieved. Wagering requirements also come with time limits, which must be adhered to or else the bonus will be forfeited. There are also usually only certain games that count towards the wagering requirement. Slots usually account for 100%, so it is best to stick to them. Table games and poker variants may also count, but only for around 20%.

Finding a Good Campaign Bonus

All casinos are unique and will offer different things throughout the year. When looking for a campaign bonus, the first things players should check are the wagering requirements. If these are reasonable then they can check out just how much and for how long the bonus will be running. Finally, it is important to make sure that the casino offering the bonus is a reputable one. It’s no good if the casino will offer a huge bonus but never pay out any of the winnings! Players can check out review sites as well as check for the casino’s licensing and fair gaming certificates to make sure.

Final Words on Campaign Bonuses

Campaign bonuses are a nice addition to online casinos, particularly for those players who are loyal. New players are always eligible for welcome bonuses but those players who choose a casino and stick with it are often left out. Campaign bonuses aim to change that, ensuring that loyal players get some nice rewards too. Often, these bonuses will also last through a month, especially if it’s a Christmas one, giving players some great winning opportunities, not to mention a bit of holiday cheer along the way. As the year comes to a close, more campaign bonuses will be in the offing, so head out now and check them out.

Understanding VIP Bonuses

As casino goers, we all want nothing but the best in terms of winnings and bonuses. We always hope that, whenever we place a bet on a game, it will lead to a big win. Most online casinos are acutely aware of this and, in order to keep players around and interested, they will offer bonuses of various kinds. The competition is high due to the ever-growing number of online casinos – so we as players can benefit greatly from a directly proportional increase in bonuses. Commonly offered bonuses – such as the infamous welcome bonus – are aimed at luring new players in, but what about keeping them?

This is where VIP bonuses come in. VIP bonuses are available to those players who either play and deposit regularly, or who meet a certain requirement in terms of how much they spend at the casino. However, these bonuses are offered, the principal aim is the same: these casinos simply wish to keep such players around as a constant source of income. Because of their long-term nature, VIP bonuses tend to be much more lucrative than other options, providing a huge incentive for players to stick to a specific casino. So without further ado, let’s have a look into the what’s and how’s of VIP bonuses.

What do VIP Bonuses Involve?

High rollers and regular players are the ones that make a casino successful, so VIP bonuses are rightly aimed at keeping these players happy and entertained. After all, the casino has to make its bread and butter somehow! VIP bonuses are designed to make the VIP player’s life that much easier at their casino of choice. This means that, not only are they privy to exclusive bonuses, but they are regularly rewarded with extra perks in terms of services offered, withdrawal times and much more. In addition, VIP players will enjoy the same game bonuses as regular players – but normally at a much higher value or with lower wagering requirements.

Each casino will create its VIP programme in a different way. Though there is often a big difference in how these VIP clubs are structured from one casino to another, the general payouts usually run along more or less the same lines. Some of the most popular benefits include the aforementioned promotions, higher numbers of competition points awarded to VIP’s, bigger deposit and withdrawal limits, access and/or tickets to events such as sports or concerts, higher reload bonuses and even the possibility of having a personal manager or assistant at your beck and call. To be quite honest, it all sounds a bit too good to be true!

How to Maximise the Enjoyment of a VIP Bonus

Now that you’ve heard about what these VIP bonuses involve, you’ll probably want to get involved right away – but it’s not that simple. The very fact that they are VIP means that not just anyone can join. Casinos are generally quite careful about who they allow into their exclusive clubs, with players usually going through a strict vetting process. In some cases, players can request to join, but more often, it will be the casino who reaches out first. You might be lucky enough to be playing at a casino with an open VIP programme. These are available to anyone who signs up and do not have specific requirements.

These open VIP programmes allow players to collect points, which can then be put up towards a bonus or reward of some kind. However, these are usually tiered, with a top tier reserved for those big spenders or regular players. Not all casinos offer this and instead, you might have to meet strict playing and betting requirements in order to be eligible for the programme. Other casinos require large deposits – often around the value of £1000 – in order to join, though this is many times part of a match deposit bonus, so you’ll see double that in your account to play with.

Common Features of VIP Bonuses

There are a number of common setups for VIP programmes. The first type we briefly touched upon: the tiered level programme. The vast majority of casinos have this type of programme in some form. Generally, the tiers will be given different names, with advancement through the tiers being possible through point accumulation. The higher the level a player attains, the better are the corresponding prizes. A second, fairly common feature is that of a cash bonus. Cash bonuses are quite regularly awarded to players upon reaching the next level, or when they have been playing for a specific amount of time.

The final common thread is the convertible points scheme. We have already discussed how points accrued promote players through tiers; in a convertible points scheme, these points can be converted to cash or other prizes once a player has reached a particular target or milestone set by the casino. In some casinos, these points can be exchanged for material rewards such as electronic gadgets, stays in hotels or even tickets to specific events. If you think you have a preference as to what you want to be rewarded with, we suggest you have a look around a number of casinos to see the options available.

Where to Find VIP Bonuses

VIP bonuses can be found at almost every casino. However, we can’t stress enough how important it is not to jump at the first bonus you see. While bonuses and rewards may count as your primary reasons for joining a casino, it is vital that you read the fine print and know what conditions are attached to these rewards. Don’t forget to check the validity of the casino as a whole. Just because it has a good VIP bonus doesn’t make it a good casino, so check that it operates fairly, is licensed, has good reviews and offers the games you want to play.

Final Words on VIP Bonuses

VIP bonuses can be an exciting addition to your online play. If you are a serious player, then VIP bonuses can greatly enhance your gaming experience. And, with so many out there to choose from, it should not be too hard to find something that suits your needs. However, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of being responsible when using these bonuses in order to make the most out of them! That being said, go out there, find a VIP bonus, make that deposit and get playing. There’s nothing like a few decent perks on the horizon to get the blood pumping and the slots spinning!

Live Dealer Bonuses

Players looking at playing at online casinos will often notice that there are a lot of bonuses or promotions being thrown around. It may seem strange that so many casinos seem intent on giving away free money, but this is all part of their individual campaigns to gain players. The online casino industry is incredibly competitive and in an effort to stand out. Casinos are offering increasingly lucrative bonuses in their attempts to look better than their competitors. However, with so much on offer, if a player doesn’t know what they’re looking for. It is easy to get lost in it all.

There are a number of different types of bonuses and these all have various features that make them better or worse than others, depending on what the player is looking for. Today we will focus on those bonuses that are offered by live casinos as these tend to not only be for the first time player, but also setup in a way that encourages long term play or even rewards those who have been loyal to the casino. Keep reading to find out the details of these bonuses, how to use them successfully, and where to find the best ones.

Match Deposit Bonus

Possibly the most common live casino bonus is the match deposit bonus. This is something often found at regular online casino sites, though often the live bonus will be slightly more lucrative in nature. A match deposit bonus means that the player must first sign up and register their account with the casino. Once that has occurred they will be required to make a first deposit in order to access the bonus. In some cases, making the deposit is not enough – players must also make sure to ‘opt in’ to the bonus otherwise that deposit will not be given.

When making this deposit, there are a number of different features that will be in place depending on the requirements for the casino. For the most part, there is a minimum and maximum deposit amount that the player must be in between to be eligible. Often, the minimum is £20.00, though the maximum can vary from anything between £200.00 up to £1000.00. The percentage that is matched will also vary between casinos though the most common option is usually at 100%. Some will be lower at 50%, others will be higher at 400%, though this doesn’t necessarily mean players will get more money as maximum deposit values vary too.

Reload Bonus

Live casino bonuses often come as reload bonuses as well. These bonuses follow the same lines as the initial deposit bonus due to the fact that players must make deposits in order to be eligible. The point of these reload bonuses is to keep players sticking around at the casino rather than disappearing off to another site. The second deposit made will be part of this reload bonus and is usually smaller in match percentage than the first deposit was, often sitting at 50% if the initial one was 100%. These reload bonuses tend to cover at least four different deposits, each deposit percentage becoming smaller.

However, in order to get players to keep putting their money in. The last deposit bonus will often jump back to the same value as the very first deposit, sometimes even higher. Generally, players will see a pattern such as this unfold: First deposit at 100%, second deposit at 50%, third deposit just 25% and fourth deposit back at 100% or even higher. Players should also note that often the maximum amount that a player can deposit at anyone time will get higher as the match percentage drops. At this point it should be noted that all these bonuses will be subject to wagering requirements.

Additional Live Casino Bonuses

There are a number of other live casino bonuses that the casino may or may not offer. For example, some live casinos will offer instant VIP access bonuses. Which will later on be very lucrative to the player in terms of the offers and rewards they can earn. However, the initial buy in and subsequent bonus, can be quite steep. These can be a deposit of £1000.00 but this will promise 10% cashback on any losses on that money. Meaning that players can play a little more risk free.

These cashback bonuses are offered by many casinos as part of their loyalty programmes. But tend to be centred around live games. These cashback bonuses will vary in what they offer. Some casinos requiring a minimum deposit. Others a minimum loss. And some will only give cashback if the loss occurred within a specific time frame. As with all the bonuses, we cannot emphasise enough how important it is that players read the fine print. In order to understand all the options. Some live casinos will even offer bonuses for the rest of the casino including making stakes of certain values in poker to win free spins on slot games.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are the number of times a player needs to play through their winnings or bonus money in order for them to be able to withdraw it from their casino account. These requirements vary between casinos but are generally seen as being higher when it comes to live games – often sitting around 50x. This can seem a bit excessive but these are achievable if players are careful with their bankroll and monitor the value of each wager carefully. Usually there is also a time limit to achieve these requirements so again, players are urged to read the terms and conditions.

Final Words on Live Dealer Bonuses

At the end of the day, any bonus is great as it helps players to get to grips with the game whilst offering them that little bit of extra bankroll in a game. Even if players are unable to meet the wagering requirements. They’ve usually had a lot of fun and earned themselves a good amount of experience along the way. For live casino game players, the best option is to stick it out and make use of those loyalty bonuses as these can be much more lucrative than the initial welcome bonus. Have a look now and see what is available.

Casino Bonus Rules and Terms

Online casinos offer a huge number of bonuses to their prospective players. All of this is done in an attempt to bring in new players to their site. Some, like the welcome bonus are just a surface option. Aimed at piquing the player’s interest enough to get them to sign on. Or at least have a look through the casino site and what it offers. Other bonuses such as cashback offers. Reload bonuses and loyalty programs. All come later, once the player is safely ensconced in the casino and are all their to keep the player hooked and continue with that site. After all, it’s about keeping the players for the long term. Not just for a quick peek.

Any of these bonuses can be very lucrative if players use them well and can see both sides actually getting some benefit out of them. There has to be mutual benefit otherwise there’d be no point in offering them, right? However, using them well is the keyword here. And something we will cover in this article.

Read all the terms and condition

In order to truly take advantage of any of these bonuses. Is is important that players read and understand all the terms and conditions that come along with each one. Throughout this article we will endeavour to cover all the necessary points. So that players get a full and positive gaming experience. However, these terms and conditions can only be outlined in general terms. As each casino will have its own specific rules.

With this in mind, we cannot stress enough how important it is for the players to take the time to read these conditions before accepting or playing any bonuses. In fact, this is possibly the first and most essential step in accepting and playing responsibly with bonuses. There is nothing worse than getting caught out with some unexpected condition. Or wagering requirement after the bonus has been received. Failure to meet requirements can be severe from something as simple as the bonus being removed from the account to as lasting as being banned from the casino entirely.

Wagering Requirements

The most important of all the bonus terms and conditions is probably the dreaded wagering requirement. No one likes this, but it is a necessary evil that has been put in place to protect both casino and player. And reduce money laundering activities. In simple terms. Wagering requirements mean that the player must play through their bonus money. Or any winnings they may have generated through bonus spins, a specified number of times.

This varies very greatly from casino to casino. On the rare occasion that player’s find a bonus that has no wagering requirement. We recommend snapping it up instantly as there is no downside to using it whatsoever. But let’s get back to those bonuses that do have wagering requirements. In some cases. Players will be lucky enough to find a wagering requirement of 2x. But in others it can be as high as 50x. Usually though. Players will find that the requirement sits in the range of 20x to 30x for most casinos.

For example

To put this in more detail, for example. If a player earns a £10.00 cash bonus from the casino. And the wagering requirements are set at 20x, this means that the £10.00 must be played that many times before it can be withdrawn. A 20x wagering requirement will require the player to place wagers to the value of £200.00. Before they will be able to withdraw their winnings. A similar bonus with a wagering requirement of just 2x requires the player to only play up to the value of £20.00. Making it a hugely more manageable goal.

Needless to say, a requirement of 50x might be almost insurmountable and a little disheartening to the average player if they are faced with such a task. We therefore caution all players to check these wagering requirements as they can be the difference between walking away with pockets a little fuller or being a little disappointed. Following on from this, these requirements often come with specifics regarding the games they can be played on.

Which Games to Play on?

The first point to bear in mind when taking a bonus, such as a free spins bonus. Is what games it can be played on. For the most part, free spins bonuses are attached to just one or two slot games. And are not eligible to be played on anything else. In some cases, the slot game will change each day that the free spins are awarded. Specifically if they are being paid out to the player over a period of a few days. As we mentioned, these slot games will vary between casinos. Though they are often clearly announced alongside the free spins so that players know exactly where they can play them.

Other bonuses like the small cash bonuses that are sometimes handed out. Or match deposits, tend not to have such restrictions and can be played across the entire portfolio of casino games on offer. Of course, there are also times when casinos will put an ineligible game in the fine print. A recurring theme here – read all of that fine print, twice!

Before withdraw

The other area to pay attention to is when it comes to fulfilling the previously discussed wagering requirements. As we mentioned, the bonus winnings must be played through a certain amount of times before the player can withdraw it. However, what we didn’t mention is that casinos will often have different games that pay off different percentages. For the most part, slot games will contribute 100% to the wagering requirements. Meaning that any bet placed on a slot game by the player will have its full value attributed.

However, players should also note that not all casinos allow their players to play on all slot games. So they will provide a list of games against which the wagering requirements can be fulfilled. Other games like various table games tend to have lower contribution levels to the wagering requirements. Often sitting at around just 20%. Some games, often video poker or other poker variants. Won’t contribute to the requirements at all, meaning that if players are playing these games. They’re not going to affect how much they still need to play.

Player Requirements

Casinos also offer a number of requirements for players before they can even accept an online bonus. For all bonuses, regardless of their deposit or no-deposit status. Players must sign up and register an account with the casino. To do this, they must follow strict rules. The first of which is that the player must be over the age of eighteen. This is generally the case for all casinos, whether on or offline. And will be verified through the ID uploaded by the player during registration.

Casinos will also often need verification that the player is actually living and playing within their licensed jurisdiction. Players should be warned that on occasion, even if a country is eligible to play at the casino, the country may still be restricted from the bonus. Some casinos will also offer country-specific bonuses, with bonuses advertised not necessarily the same across all nationalities. Players found to be flouting either of these rules will have their accounts closed and all bonuses and their winnings removed.

Players can also only accept the bonus once. This one bonus per player will be recorded not only through the account at the casino, but also by tracking the IP address used, the device, telephone number provided, credit or debit card details, email address, physical address and even places where communal computers can be used on a network such as a library or school.

This is strictly monitored and means that each individual can have only one player account at a specific casino. This does not stop players having multiple accounts at different casinos online. As with the failure to represent oneself properly in the sign up process. Any dubious activity and double accounts will result in the account getting closed by the casino. And the player losing the bonus and the right to continue to play there. Players do have the chance to cancel the bonus themselves. If they wish to no longer participate and to avoid any penalties. This usually involves contacting the customer support.

Money Options

Almost all of these bonuses will have a minimum and maximum deposit or betting range that can be performed. When it comes to deposit bonuses. Players won’t even be able to access them without abiding by the minimum deposit amount. This is usually not that large and is often around a value of £20.00. Maximum deposits must also be adhered to as the casino won’t match anything larger than the stated amount. So players risk not gaining anything from that extra amount they add.

Bonuses that don’t require deposits will instead have withdrawal limits imposed upon them. Though this is usually the same value as is imposed across the casino as a whole. There are also occasionally limits within the bonuses on how big the bets can actually be. Sometimes for live game bonuses, individual bets are limited to just £5.00 or an equivalent value. So again, players need to pay attention to these little hidden extras in order to avoid getting caught unawares by the casino.

Transaction Limits

Another aspect that players must be mindful of when making their deposits for the bonuses is the method that they use to make the said deposit. Most casinos offer a huge range of transaction options. Which include debit and credit cards, various e-wallets, mobile phone payments, crypto currencies and a selection of prepaid options. Most of the time, players will simply select the option that is most convenient to them and then join the casino to use the bonus. However, there are some casinos that void their bonus if you deposit money with specific transaction options.

Very commonly these are Neteller and Skrill. Players will commonly find these are the two options excluded from any bonuses. Which is a shame as they are some of the most commonly used transaction methods. To make this even harder, often the main page displaying the bonus will not detail this. Instead players will need to head to the additional terms and conditions to find this information out. Or risk being disappointed.

Casino Cancellations

The final part of the bonus is the bit that is found at the very bottom of any casino terms and conditions. This is where the casino lists a number of things that ensure they are not liable for various events. And enables them to change things around as they see fit. This may seem like the boring bit for most players. But we can assure you it must be read so that if the casino claims something in regards to not giving a payout or makes any unexpected changes, the player is prepared.

These extra little titbits include things such as the casino reserving the right to remove, cancel or change the bonus offer at any time. They can also modify the criteria that are needed to join. It is here too that players will find the specific statements announcing that the casino can remove bonuses and winnings for fraudulent activities. Exclude players from bonuses and being able to update the rules whenever they choose to do so.

Final Words

Online casino bonuses are both a blessing and curse. If they are used well and by players who conscientiously follow the rules. Casino bonuses can greatly enhance the player’s experience. Providing both valuable experience and the possibility of winning some money on the side. However, if players choose to ignore the bonus terms and conditions. All sorts of issues can occur ranging from simple heartache over a missed opportunity through to losing all winnings. And getting banned from a casino. For the most part though, using these types of bonuses is straightforward. And well worth the time it takes to give those little bits of fine print a thorough read-through.

With all these things to look out for, we hope that players now know what to look out for when choosing a bonus. And how to go about making the most of it once they’ve signed up for one. So, without further ado, we suggest that players put what they’ve learnt into practice, get out there and find the perfect bonus.

No Deposit Bonuses

Casinos offer a huge range of different bonuses to their customers, all with the intent of bringing players in and, hopefully, keeping them there. However, the result is that there is an inordinate number of bonuses to sift through. For newcomers, finding the wheat from the chaff can be a challenge. This is where we are here to help. This article will outline everything you need to know about no deposit bonuses. How to get them, use them. And most importantly, how to find the best ones so that you don’t walk away empty-handed after a round of play.

As a starting point, no deposit bonuses can come in a range of different forms. From simple cash bonuses through to free spins or even cashback options. For all of these, the player does not need to actually put in any of their own money to get the bonus. This is what makes them so enticing and why many casinos will offer them. Even though it appears the casino is losing out. In actuality, however, they’re not losing out because players aren’t able to walk away with these bonus amounts until they have cleared the wagering requirements as set the casino.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

There are a number of different no deposit bonuses that players can be awarded. The first of these is a simple cash bonus where players get a small credit instantly added to their account. This is usually around £5.00 so the casino doesn’t mind even when players do walk away with it. Essentially, it’s a small sum for the casino, but large enough for a new player to try out some games. Sometimes these types of bonuses are only available on certain games, and other times players are given the freedom to play any game, allowing them to try out a number of slots, virtual games, and video pokers.

The other commonly offered no deposit bonus is Free Spins. Similar to the cash bonus, this will be a small number of spins. Usually around ten, instantly credited to the player’s account. Unlike the cash bonus, there is less leeway as to where these can be used. Often there is just one slot that the spins can be played on, though some casinos may offer the players a choice between three or four games. These spins will be automatically set to the lowest value bet and any winnings that are gained from them, will be added to the player’s account after the wagering requirements are cleared.

How to Get Your No Deposit Bonus

For most no deposit bonuses, players simply need to sign up and create an account with the casino. This involves inputting their name, address and date of birth, and ensuring that all information is accurate. If the casino finds out the information given is incorrect then the player can be banned from the casino and they will lose any winnings or bonuses they may have gained during their time there. So it’s always best to be honest! Once the account has been registered and verified, the bonus should be credited instantly to the player’s account with no need for the player to do anything extra.

Some casinos have additional steps in order to gain the no deposit bonus. These can involve having to type in a bonus code during the sign-up process or simply having to click an ‘opt-in’ button after signing up. Whatever the method, players can rest assured that the casino will make it is clearly visible to the player. Before players begin using their bonus, it is important that they check out any fine print to make sure that they are using the bonus properly and that they have, indeed, activated it properly. There’s nothing worse than getting penalised for a silly mistake.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements must be adhered to if players wish to eventually withdraw some of their earnings. As we touched on briefly before, wagering requirements are partially in place to protect casinos from players abusing the bonus. Wagering requirements simply mean that a player must play through their bonus or the bonus winnings. A certain number of times before they can withdraw them. With this in mind, the lower the wagering requirement. The easier it will be for a player to achieve it and walk away with something. Most of the time, these requirements sit between 20x to 50x, though both higher and lower can be found too.

To explain further, we will give an example. In this instance, we will say the wagering requirement is at the low end and set to 20x. The player has managed to win £10.00 through free spins and now needs to play through the wagering requirement. At 20x, this means that the player must wager the £10.00 20x to the total of £200.00 before the money can be withdrawn. It may seem a daunting task but it is surprisingly achievable. Players should check which games count towards the wagering requirement as not all games will. As a general rule, though, playing slots will count 100% towards the wagering requirements.

Finding a Good No Deposit Bonus

To find the best no deposit bonus, players should be mindful of the points we have outlined. It’s not just about which casino gives the biggest bonus from the start, but also the wagering requirements. For instance, a casino may be awarding a £15.00 cash bonus but with a wagering requirement of 50x. Another casino may offer only £5.00, but with a lower wagering requirement of 20x. The second would make walking away with winnings a much more achievable task. It’s also important to check that the casino itself is trustworthy. And actually going to pay out at the end of it all.

Final Words on No Deposit Bonuses

If players are savvy when it comes to choosing their bonuses, abide by the wagering requirements. And read the fine print, then there really is nothing stopping them from having a successful run. Of course, it all comes down to luck. So players must understand that they may not walk away with extra coins. Luckily, the bonus is risk-free so there’s no harm done. In fact, players will have gained valuable experience in both the casino and the game in question. Something that can’t always be bought. To conclude, no deposit bonuses are a win-win situation for players and we recommend snapping them up whenever they’re spotted.

Top Things to Know About No Deposit Bonuses

Online casinos have a long history of offering various different bonuses to their players. One of the less commonly found bonuses comes in the form of the no deposit bonus. This is essentially a free reward of some kind most commonly offered to new players arriving at a casino. However, this bonus can also be awarded to players who are loyal and have played for an extended period of time at a certain casino. No matter how or when it is offered though, the no deposit bonus is one of the most lucrative bonuses that an online casino can hand out.

Offering out free money may appear to be going against a casino’s business plan. But these No Deposit bonuses have a definite purpose. In this era of ever-increasing online casinos, it is becoming ever harder to stand out from the crowd. With this in mind, casinos are offering increasingly diverse and lucrative bonuses in the hopes of attracting new players to their site. However, because of its no-deposit, risk-free nature. These types of deposits do not necessarily encourage players to continue to play at the casino. So, to avoid players abusing the bonus, wagering requirements are usually set in place.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

There are a number of different No Deposit bonuses that can be found. Though each casino will offer it’s own variation in both size and structure. Here we have a few of the options that are commonly available. One of the most popular types is the small cash bonus. Players can use this to play on a number of different games throughout the casino, usually without restriction. This means that players have the freedom to check out a wider range of gaming options. Free spins are also regularly awarded and sometimes come with no deposit made. Though these tend to be attached to a specific slot game.

Free play bonuses come in the form of free credit. Like the free cash bonus, players can often use this type of bonus on any casino game within the site. However, this does usually come with a time frame. So players need to be aware of what that is or risk losing out. The last No Deposit bonus is the cashback bonus. This is commonly offered to long term players. And involves a return to the player on the losses they have incurred over a specific period of play. Often, this bonus has limits as to how much cashback can actually be awarded.

Wagering Requirements

As with all bonuses, no deposit bonuses are subject to wagering requirements. Much as players hate them, wagering requirements are a necessary evil as they are put in place to prevent money laundering and other shady practices. If the casino fails to put these in place, they will actually be in violation of the requirements for their casino licence. No Deposit bonus wagering requirements are often quite high and can often only be used on slot games. Of course, this does vary between casinos so it is important the players check the specifics at each casino they sign up to. So as not to get caught out.

Wagering requirements are simple. A wagering requirement represents the number of times a player must wager the bonus money. And any winnings that are accrued from it. This can be anywhere between 2x through to 50x. And the lower the requirement the better it is for the player. Usually, these types of bonuses offer requirements somewhere in the middle, at around 30x. What this means is that if, for example, a bonus was £5 with a wagering requirement of 30x, the player would need to play through the bonus and winnings to a value of £150 before the bonus can be withdrawn.

Are No Deposit Bonuses Worth It?

If the player is responsible and follows all the requirements. Taking the offer of a No Deposit bonus is an excellent choice. These bonuses give players a really great look at the inner workings of a casino because more money equals more access to to all the features on offer. Bonuses provide a risk free way of checking out all the casino’s games and increase their bet limits. For many players it also offers the chance to trial out a game that they may otherwise not attempt to play, thus broadening their game horizons. In fact, we recommend trying to play as many games as possible when using this bonus.

The other positive aspect of a No Deposit bonus is that no matter the final outcome in the game. The player is always a winner. At worst, the player will break even – no better or worse off than before, except in one important area…experience. This is invaluable and part of what makes these No Deposit bonuses such a prize. Even for old hands, these little extras provide a welcome relief on the bankroll. And a chance to give something else a shot. Reading the terms and conditions attached is key, though. And doing so can find players actually making money without ever having put any in.

Finding the Best No Deposit Bonus

As we have already mentioned, different casinos offer varying bonuses. Jumping on the first bonus that you see is inadvisable. Just because it may offer a bigger amount than another casino, doesn’t make it the best. Those with a smaller offer but a lower wagering requirement. Offer a much more achievable goal meaning the player might actually walk away a little richer in pocket. As well as in experience. Many also offer time limits so players should try to choose one that has a little bit of time to play. It’s no good to be rushed. Finally, the reputation of the casino must be taken into account.

Final Words on No Deposit Bonuses

Particularly for newcomers, a simple cash No Deposit bonus is an ideal way to start their online casino career. Used wisely, these bonuses can really set a player on the right track. Even getting them a little extra free cash to spend elsewhere in the casino. A No Deposit bonus dropped in every now. And then for more long term players serves to show the casino values them and will. More than likely, keep them sticking around to play just that little bit longer. Whether it be free spins, instant cash or cashback offers, No Deposit bonuses are a win-win for everyone.

Picking the Right Bonus

As we have discussed, often the bonus will look very enticing but can have huge wagering requirements attached. When it comes to picking a bonus, it’s not just these factors that need to be considered. The overall reputation and operation of the casino must also be checked out. It’s all very well that the casino offers up a nice fat bonus. But not so great if its payouts take forever, or don’t come at all. With that in mind, the trustworthiness and security levels should be a player’s first port of call. Once it has been determined that the casino is licensed and will payout. Then check the bonuses.

Final Words

Deposit Free Spins bonuses are one of the more commonly offered at online casinos. Slots are possibly the most popular casino games out there so it makes perfect sense for bonuses to focus on this genre. If players are sensible with the amount they deposit. Learn the rules of the game as they play and try to pick a bonus with low requirements. There is a high possibility of coming away with a little something extra in their pocket. As with all casino gameplay, though, players should take the time to read the conditions and not get carried away. This will ensure that they play safely and responsibly.

Other Types of Free Casino Bonuses

Online casinos offer a growing number of bonuses to their players. Particularly of note are the welcome bonuses. Designed to entice and draw in new players to their site. These bonuses come in a range of different forms. Often requiring players to make a small deposit in order to link themselves to the casino and to become eligible. However, there are some bonuses that are completely free. In that they don’t require a deposit at all. Simply by signing up to the casino players are given free bonus money. Why would casinos do this? It may seem counterintuitive to the casino’s operations, but they do have their reasons.

Thanks to the stiff competition online, casinos are coming up with ever-more creative ways to bring in customers and this is where the free bonuses have developed. Casinos wish to stand out from the rest of the crowd. These bonuses will bring in new players, and, if they like the setup, can be enticed to stay. With this in mind, casinos that offer these types of bonuses will also have loyalty programmes. Or further bonuses in place with the hopes that new players will then stay on. Free Spins are a very common type of bonus but we shall be discussing other types of free bonus options.

No Deposit Cash Bonus

The no-deposit cash bonus is as its name suggests. To get this bonus, players just need to sign up and register with a casino. Following all the player requirements that are in place. These are things such as being in the correct jurisdiction and being at least eighteen. Once registration is completed, the player will receive the bonus directly into their account. This can happen automatically or may require the player to “opt in” at some point during the registration process. Alternatively, they might need to input a bonus code, though whichever method is necessary, the casino will make it clear.

No-deposit cash bonuses tend to be offered only as small amounts. Usually they are just around the value of £5.00. But the good thing about them is that there are very few restrictions on where they can be played. Players can check out a number of games using this bonus giving them a better feel for the layout of the casino. However, there will be wagering requirements in place (discussed in depth below) and also often a minimum withdrawal limit. If the player is lucky enough to have scored a no-deposit bonus with no wagering requirements. Then any winnings can be immediately withdrawn.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are also technically free. Though this does depend on the type of loyalty program that is being run. For example, a commonly offered scheme sees all players instantly added to it. Any games that players play. Bets they place and time spent on the casino, is all added up to accumulate points for the players. The player would be playing anyway, so these points accrued are already a bonus. These points can then be swapped out for specific rewards that are offered by the casino. This can be further cash prizes, tickets, nights in a hotel, and more.

These systems tend to operate in a tiered fashion, which means that there are specific goals or milestones that players must reach. As players move through the levels. The points will become more valuable, earning them bigger and better prizes as time goes on. In some instances, these loyalty programmes will also offer exclusive bonuses to the players participating. Often with lower wagering requirements, bigger deposit amounts and faster withdrawals. Cashback bonuses are also popularly offered. Allowing players to make risk-free bets by getting money back on a percentage of their losses. Players that make it to VIP levels can see some seriously good perks being swung their way.

Understanding Wagering Requirements

It’s all very well learning about the different free bonuses that are available. But players won’t know the full truth of them until they can understand the importance and necessity of wagering requirements. These may seem like a huge pain, and can remove the ability to walk away with some free money. But they are put in place to prevent money laundering. It also prevents players from simply taking advantage of the casino by using the bonus. Withdrawing the money and walking away, causing the casino to lose out. This has caused the reduction in casinos offering no-deposit free bonuses.

Wagering requirements are simply the number of times the bonus money. Or winnings must be played through before the player can withdraw them. These can vary greatly between casinos and be as low as just 2x or as much as 50x. For the most part, requirements sit in a happy medium. Usually around 30x. What that means is that if a player were to win £5.00 and the wagering requirements were 30 times. They’d have to play though that £5.00 to the value of £150.00 before the winnings could be withdrawn. This may seem steep but with perseverance it is possible.

Choosing the Best Bonus

When it comes to choosing the perfect no deposit, free bonus, players should take into consideration all the factors mentioned previously. However, it’s not just about the size of the bonus or the low wagering requirements. But also the casino site offering it. Players should always be mindful of the reputation of the casino so as to ensure that they are playing in a safe, secure and trustworthy environment. Players may find the best bonus in the world. But it will be of no use it the casino refuses to pay out any of the winnings at the other end.

Final Words

Free bonuses, however they are used. Create a great opportunity for players both new and old to explore a new game or casino. Even if it isn’t possible to beat the wagering requirements and come away with a small win. These free spins and bonuses are a risk free option that provides invaluable experience. Using a free bonus, in a responsible fashion. Means that players are better prepared for things to come when they do choose to play for cash. Choose a good casino. Settle on a bonus and get playing. Who knows, you could end up being extremely lucky – after all. Many players have achieved success in this way.

Choosing a Casino

When you’re looking at these bonuses it is also important to check out the casino that’s offering them. The bonus may sound great and have a low wagering requirement. But if it’s suspiciously low. There may be a problem elsewhere. To that end. We recommend that you check out all aspects of the casino in question. But particularly look at its licensing. Whether it has been certified as fair and if it uses well-known trustworthy providers for its games. If you’re still not sure as to the authenticity of the site. You can also check out reviews from other players.

Final Thoughts

If you follow these tips on free spins. You’re well on your way to seeing some success. Our last tip that we will leave you with is that you should not try to win. Do not be disappointed that you cannot reach those wagering requirements the first time out. Remember that you have already won something invaluable – experience. Being able to play some slots. Particularly if you’ve nabbed a no deposit free spins bonus. Can help you check out the way a casino works with no risk to yourself at all. If you don’t win, it’s no big deal. You’ll know better what to do next time!