Premier League clubs have taken football sponsorship to a completely new level. The total amount that Premier League shirt sponsorship agreements with gambling brands for this year are £349.1 million beatings last year’s amount, which was £352.6 million.

Campaigners are shocked about the fact that 10 out of the 20 major shirt sponsorship of the 2019-20 season Premier League clubs have been done by gambling brands. Shirt sponsorship by gambling companies has been facing criticism in the UK, especially in the much-loved sport, football.

There are 10 Premier Football clubs that have already accepted the sponsorship agreements with gambling brands and will be wearing the sponsored shirts in the 2019-20 season football matches. The players will be displaying the logos of the sponsored gambling brands on their shirts for which a total of £68.6 million would be paid to the players by the gambling brands.

The most profitable venture seems to be between Manchester United and their partner Chevrolet. Reports say that the Chevrolet shirt sponsorship is £67 million, which gives them a lead over the other sponsors in this season.

Gambling brands and their premier shirt sponsorship for season 2019-20 in Premier League

An estimated amount of £69 million has been sponsored by the gambling brands in the Premier League 2019-20 football season. Here are the top deals between the Premier League clubs and gambling brands:

  • The highest value of shirt sponsorship is between West Ham F.C. and Betway. Their association is worth £10 million.
  • Second in line is the association between Everton and SportPesa, which is a Kenyan sports betting company. Their sponsorship amount is £9.6 million.
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. is being sponsored by ManBetX. The gambling operator has agreed to pay £8 million to the players for wearing his sponsored shirts.
  • Burnley players will wear shirts sponsored by LoveBet. Their sponsorship is worth £7.5 million.
  • There are 3 £6.5 million partnership associations between Crystal Palace and ManBetX, Newcastle United with Fun88 and Watford with
  • Aston Villa is being sponsored by W88 gambling company for £6 million.
  • Bournemouth club gets £5 million from M88 for wearing their sponsored shirts.
  • Finally, there is Norwich that has got a sponsorship of £3 million from gambling brand Dafabet.

Snubbing all criticisms aside the Premier Football clubs continue to get sponsorship from gambling brands. The partnership between the two doesn’t seem to dwindle in any aspect. Moreover, the gambling operators are also looking forward to getting sleeve sponsorships with the Premier League football clubs.

Football clubs have been criticized lately by several, including the sports minister. Nevertheless, this doesn’t seem to stop the gambling companies from approaching the football clubs nor do the football clubs seem to be hesitative about accepting sponsorships from gambling brands. Each year more and more gambling companies come forward with sponsorships. The football clubs are being accused of making gambling look normal to all the football enthusiasts in the UK and throughout the globe.

Aug 29,2019