Bethard is a relatively new online casino that has quickly made its mark on the online world. It offers a huge variety of games ranging from a casino stuffed full of slots (more than one hundred) and virtual table games through. To a great selection of live games and speciality options. In addition, Bethard has a comprehensive sportsbook where players can bet on any sporting event they can think of whether it be standard games like football and tennis. To something more specific like e-Sports. To complement this, the site itself is easy to navigate, offering an intuitive setup.

Other features of Bethard include a stellar support system that can be accessed through a live chat function. Players can ask any question, nothing is too big or small and a response is usually received within minutes. The casino also offers great security in the form of an SSL encryption protecting all client data. Game providers that the casino uses are also regularly audited for gaming fairness. Ensuring players can have a positive playing experience. Lastly, the casino offers a wide range of payment options. All of which do not charge fees and payout in a prompt fashion.

Why Do Online Casinos Have Ambassadors?

Bethard is still relatively new, particularly in the UK market, and having a familiar face endorsing their brand. Makes them stand out from the rest. Hence, professional Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović joins Bethard as a partner and ambassador. Online casino players might wonder why Bethard feels the need to have any partners. When the casino’s own features should really speak for themselves. Whilst this is true, having a famous partner dedicated to aiding in the promotion of the casino can definitely help its cause, pushing it further into the public eye.

Who is Zlatan?

For those of you out there who may have been hiding under a rock, Zlatan, or Zlatan Ibrahimović as is his full name, is a professional Swedish footballer who plays for LA Galaxy. Known for being a prolific goal scorer, he is mainly a striker for the team but works well in many different areas thanks. To his technique and creativity with the ball. Currently, Zlatan is the third most decorated footballer active in the world and holds a whopping 32 trophies to his name. With these accolades behind him, it’s no wonder Bethard decided to have him on board.

Partnership with Bethard

So what does this mean in terms of a partnership? Well, Zlatan is now the face of the casino, featuring in a number of ads and TV spots usually accompanied by the slogan, ‘Be soft, BetHard’. By doing these kinds of ads, the casino is able to link not only a famous face but also a winner with their brand. This subliminal link helps to persuade players that it is worthwhile checking out this casino. It also helps with the element of trust, persuading people that a big star like Zlatan would surely not link their name to an untrustworthy brand.

Final Thoughts

Having such a well-known face working with them is a big win for Bethard. Already successful in their own right, this partnership with Zlatan has propelled them further into the limelight. It has even expanded their customer base to those who did not know they could place sports bets online, and to fans of Zlatan. The partnership also means that people will remember the ads and the brand itself. For Bethard, the real goal is to gain and keep new players. Something becoming increasingly difficult as more online casinos spring up. It looks like they scored a goal with Zlatan!

Feb 05,2019