Cryptologic Gaming

Cryptologic is no new kid on the block. The software provider was established in 1995 by two brothers (Mark Rivkin and Andrew Rivkin) in their parents basement. The brothers managed to sign their first deal after only one year. Which led to the company growing at a rapid pace. Since then, Cryptologic is listed on the NASDAQ market and employs over 300 employees. In 2012, Amaya Gaming snapped up the gaming software firm. Amaya then changed its corporate name to The Stars Group. And moved their headquarters from Montreal to Toronto in August 2017. Clearly, Cryptologic has joined forces with the one of the biggest names in the industry.

Cryptologic Software Review

Cryptologic games boast of incredible quality and smooth playability. The company has been developing games since 1995 and their reputation still ranks high on the games popularity list. They have built strong relationships with many companies in the online casino industry, allowing for games such as Blade, Call of Duty and Street Fighter to materialize. The Cryptologic games are stacked with exciting and entertaining features that allow players the opportunity to win impressive prizes. The company gained popularity thanks to the Marvel characters slots, but after Disney took over Marvel, Cryptologic’s license to develop the games was not renewed.

That didn’t put a damper to their innovative spirit, however. Instead, the gaming provider developed a new range of slot machines based on Universal movies, which include legendary games such as Forrest Gump and Braveheart. After Cryptologic and the Amaya Gaming Group joined forces, the downloadable casino software made place for ‘instant play’ games that can be enjoyed directly on any web browser. The merge also saw many of the gaming developer’s older games retiring but on the plus side, every casino gained a larger selection of games thanks to the successful integration of these two innovative companies. Cryptologic was yet again at the top of their game.

Moving Forward

Cryptologic might not be a stand-alone brand anymore but players still get to enjoy their innovative and entertaining games through The Stars Group. As they say, two heads work better than one and this is clearly the case in this collaboration. Cryptologic has brought over 20 years of experience to the table and is a valued member of the giant that has become The Stars Group. What else would you expect when a gaming developer with such vast experience. And one of the biggest names in the industry team up? Naturally, one expects they will take the online casino industry by storm.

You need to realize that Cryptologic knows their stuff, and they know it well. The company has been around the block many times and has managed to improve and adapt throughout different ages of the internet. They have been able to set a trend that is clearly visible within the elements and themes of the games and have also contributed towards pushing the boundaries of the online casino market. Although you won’t be able to see any new games being released under the Cryptologic brand, you will still be able to enjoy all the excitement that the games have to offer under their new parent company, The Stars Group.

Cryptologic Slots and Games

Many players don’t realize that many of their favourite slot games have been developed by Cryptologic. The gaming developer is well known for creating short games that make you hungry for more. They have been able to master this craft since their commencement and if you look at games such as Jenga, Fire Flies, Bejeweled and Captain Nemo, you will agree that this company deserves some well-respected praise. It is common knowledge that games that are based on famous movies attract the highest number of players. For this reason, you will often find that reputable online gaming operators are pleased to have Cryptologic games on their site.

Other games that you might have stumbled upon while playing at online casino are Blade, Superman, 20,000 Leagues, Caesar Salad, Thor and Armadillo Artie. These incredibly popular games were also developed by non-other than Cryptologic, which just shows that the gaming developer caters to all tastes. Players are also able to enjoy the option of having different real money or play money accounts. It might be a small feature, but it gives you the opportunity to explore different games without spending any of your own money. Once you’ve found a game (or games) that suit your personal needs, you can move up to a real money account.

Cryptologic Casinos

When you shop around for a new casino, there are many different aspects that need to be taken into consideration with the most important being the gaming developer. Why? Because it determines which games you will be able to play. You can also be sure that the online casino is reputable if they are partnered with leading software developers, because these companies have a reputation to uphold and won’t want to be affiliated with unpopular online casino sites. If you see a new online casino that includes Cryptologic games, you can be more assured that the online casino will offer you a great deal of transparency.

Many software providers prefer to hide the most important details of their games. Such as online slot pay-tables and return to player odds but this is where Cryptologic stands out from the crowd. The company’s transparency has always been refreshing. As you always know exactly where you stand with all their video slots before making a financial commitment. At the end of the day, you are paying real money to play and it is important that you choose a game that offers you higher chances of turning your investment into profit. If you know what you are up against before making a deposit, you will definitely have a strong advantage.

Cryptologic Slots Jackpots

There is one reason why players can’t seem to get enough of Cryptologic slots games. And it is undoubtedly the jackpots. If you are shopping around for a gaming developer that innovates every year and promises to deliver the ultimate gaming experience, Cryptologic is the way to go. You will find incredible graphics, excellent games and a massive variety of options for all players with any skill-set. Most importantly, however, are the Cryptologic jackpots that change the lives of people in unthinkable ways by paying out millions on a regular basis. Essentially, the reason people play is for the prospect of winning a huge jackpot.

Also, if you are in search of variety, Cryptologic jackpots will definitely give you a reason to smile. The bonus features of the jackpot games are thrilling and the themes will keep you glued to your seat. The gaming level suits any player, so it doesn’t matter if it is your first spin or your hundredth. Everyone is welcome at a Cryptologic slots game. They have invested serious effort into ticking all the boxes. So if you are looking for games that might pay out millions while you are enjoying an unforgettable gaming experience. Cryptologic games will never leave you disappointed.

Final Words

The fact that the company is still popular after all these years proves that they are here to stay. They have played an incredibly important role in the rise of the online gaming industry. And because of their impressive success over the years, do yourself a favor and try out their games. There are many reasons why massive companies snapped them up. Cryptologic has always stayed true to their commitment to transparency. Which in turn gives players the opportunity to earn some extra cash through stable pay-tables and transparent rules. Plus, with generous bonus offers thrown into the mix, you can never go wrong with Cryptologic games.

Feb 03,2019