We can safely say the slot category is the most popular one in many online casinos. While they’ve always been a pretty sought-after pick in the gambling space, the introduction of modern themed slots has sky-rocketed them to the top of the proverbial food chain! Players love the creativity developers take with these releases, and sometimes, the madder they are, the better! On the topics of slots and madness, the leading iGaming content publisher BF Games has managed to engineer the perfect combo of the two, introducing its wacky masterpiece – Chicken Madness slot.

Story & Design in the Chicken Madness Slot

If you’re still new to the wondrous world of online slots, you might be confused by the claims we’ve made in the introduction. We’ll clear things up by first stating that they’re completely based! BF Games, a popular casino game provider has taken bold steps to create a fun title that isn’t afraid to go hard on the comedic elements. Its latest game, appropriately titled Chicken Madness, sees players running around a small village trying to get a hold of the escaped chickens! These crazed hens carry hefty prizes under their wings, so reaching them as quickly as possible is paramount!

To make this wild bird chase even more interesting, players are posed with an additional challenge. Rally up the chickens before the other interested parties in the village get to them. This cast of kooky characters includes Mervin the Villager, a chef looking for his next meal, and a fox with a similar idea to the chef. As you can imagine, all of this translates to what you’ll see on the reels. From the quaint village in the background to the crazy chickens on the reels, this game is a colorful adventure you’re bound to love.

Exciting Gameplay

The premise of the Chicken Madness slot might be what draws most players in, but don’t be fooled to think it’s all about the appearance. The gameplay itself is just as wild as the theme! This 5×3 slot features a traditional base game enriched by countless special features. These include massive Jackpots, Extra Bonus Spins, Cash Mesh, and various other boosts that help players keep their attention on the chase and grab the maddened birds as they run around aimlessly.

To trigger the Cash Mesh feature, players will need to land at least five coins during the base game. This awards them Free Spins, which could additionally trigger a bonus or Jackpot if certain conditions are met. If you’re especially lucky and manage to land 15 coins during Cash Mesh, you get a Full House Multiplier that doubles the cash values of the reels! Naturally, this is all topped off by two potential Jackpots and bonuses. They include a Major and Grand Jackpot and a Mini and Minor Bonus.


If you need a good pick-me-up with the potential to score top-shelf wins, BF Games’ Chicken Madness slot is your new best friend. On top of being pure comedy gold, the game features engaging gameplay and more than enough rewards to be worthwhile to even the most fierce high rollers.

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Jun 30,2022