Game development studios have been on a roll lately. Players have been treated to tons of new online casino content, with most of it falling into the slot category. While playing the slots can be one of the most entertaining experiences in the online gambling space, the oversaturation can put a bit of a damper on things. We’ve pretty much-seen everything these titles have to offer, so it’s not uncommon to feel slot burnout. Thankfully, Evoplay has decided to bring something different to the table with its new release – the Lucky Card Scratch Card game! A warm welcome to Spinsify Casino news!

Design and Appearance in the Lucky Card game

One of the defining features of this game is its design. Instead of going for something that players might not have seen before, Evoplay has decided to bank on nostalgia and give Lucky Card a classic theme beloved by all. Of course, we’re talking about the fruit theme! There’s nothing more fun than the colorful fruit theme when online casino games are questioned. It gives designers a chance to explore various avenues, as they usually combine it with elements from other themes to give it an edge. Naturally, this is exactly what happens with Lucky Card.

When the game starts, players are welcomed into a juice bar named Lucky Card. Here, they’ll find an old-school wallpaper featuring a deep shade of red covered with flames. The reels are surrounded by sparkling lights, and the symbols on them are likely what you’d expect from a nostalgic fruit-themed game. They include plums, cherries, bananas, watermelons, grapes, and a variety of other fruits that cascade on the screen. Additionally, you’ll find classic BAR symbols, bells, cash, and a few other designs that are a throwback to the casino games of older generations.

Gameplay and Prizes in the Lucky Card Game

In this fun Scratch Card/Slot hybrid, players have a chance to win a maximum of x77 times their initial bet. While this might not seem like too big of a prize, it’s good to remember that Lucky Card isn’t a traditional slot, nor is it a jackpot game. Compared to most other titles in its category, it’s a rewarding venture that’s worth exploring. If players want to score this maximum multiplier, they’ll need to match the right fruits. Each one of these nutritious snacks comes with its own multiplier, so the better the fruit, the bigger your reward!

Lucky Card keeps things pretty casual. While many throwback games tend to increase the difficulty level by adding different bells and whistles, this title sticks to the basics. To win, players need to match three of the same fruits. There are nine cards you can scroll between, so make sure you choose the right ones if you want a bigger win.


It’s easy to see that Evoplay is trying to appeal to a more casual audience. Given the oversaturated slot market, this is an excellent strategy! A laidback and nostalgic Scratch Card experience like Lucky Card is exactly what the online casino scene needs right now, so we don’t doubt it’ll be a smash-hit in no time

May 19,2022