Are you ready for the biggest party within the online casino world? Well, you better start preparing because OneTouch, the leading slot game developer has just released the most exciting online slot game thus far. Take a look at the Beats EX slot, a new music-inspired slot game that will cheer you up and lift up your mood. Explore the most exciting slot game features that will help you unleash your party beast.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the newest slot game addition that will definitely leave a mark on the upcoming holiday season. With all of this said, let’s get right into the most important details that will help you prepare for the Beats EX party!

What You Need to Know about Beats EX Slot?

As mentioned above, the newest slot game addition by OneTouch explores the energizing segments of music. Allowing players to fully enjoy the atmosphere that this game creates, you will be able to let loose and enjoy the captivating sounds. Show of your dance moves as this Beats Ex slot game is packed with amazing tunes.

Once you open the slot game, you will immediately notice the 5×3 reel setup. You will also hear amazing sounds that will definitely put you in a rather funky mood. As you watch the reels spin, a DJ will play the most popular 90’s classics, giving you the perfect nostalgic feeling.

Besides the enjoyable and captivating music that is a signature element of this slot game, you will get a chance to explore some of the most exciting slot game features.

Here, if you line up three or even more Trigger symbols the high-octane Beats EX feature game will appear. This is where players will get a chance to explore higher pay-outs. As this feature of the Beats EX game increases, the likelihood of retriggering more bonuses will increase as well creating a rather long-lasting groovy vibe of cheerful mood.

What Experts Have to Say about Beats EX?

The Integration Manager at OneTouch, Ollie Castleman, said that with their latest slot game launch they hope to unravel the most exciting and memorable party experience. Players will get a chance to enjoy this slot game with all of the captivating sounds that this game has to offer.

If you join in the Beats EX slot game, you will get a chance to explore all of the No.1 hits that will inspire you to show off your dancing skills. The game also has strong visual elements that only add to the overall excitement of the party. Visit our new casinos page do find out which casinos who’s offer this new slot.

Make sure that you join in the fun as soon as possible. Take your smartphone or use your desktop and enjoy every aspect of the Beats EX online slot game by OneTouch no matter where you are.

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Nov 29,2021