Getting to Know Live Casinos

If you’re looking for the thrill and fast-paced excitement that comes along with a land-based casino. Then you needn’t look any further than a live casino. Live casinos bring an authentic casino experience direct to the comfort of your home. Saving you the need to get up and head out to a real life venue. These live games come in a variety of forms. Enabling you to access a number of favourite table games. And a wide range of their variants. In order to cater to as large a selection of players as possible. Most casinos will also have various tables with different stakes. Similar to those in a brick and mortar casino.

All of the games utilise the best in software technology. With high definition cameras streaming all of the action live to the players participating at home. Never has the excitement of a casino been so easy to obtain. Read on to find out more about this exciting gaming option.

How to Play at a Live Casino

Live casinos work in a very similar way to the tables in land-based casinos. In that they have a dealer who deals, rolls, or spins, controlling the game. Once you have signed up to a casino that offers live games. You’ll be able to select which type of game you wish to participate in. After that decision has been made. It’s up to you to select the table. The joy here is that most casinos will have 24 hour live games meaning that you can rock up whenever it suits you. And there will be a seat open. As briefly discussed. Tables can be chosen based on their wager limits. Game variant and even on the dealer who is attending the game.

Upon entering the game itself, players will be instantly greeted by the live dealer. The live dealer can converse verbally and through live chat with each player. Helping to create an immersive, fulfilling environment for the player.

How do these games work exactly? Well, each casino will set up a studio space complete with numerous tables and highly trained dealers. The individual table then has a number of cameras at different angles trained on it so that they can capture all the action. As players join in the game, the high definition feed from these cameras is directly sent to the player’s computers or mobile devices. Players can see the action the second it transpires. As in a land-based casino, the dealer will control the game, taking the bets from the players as they’re placed.

The player will see the live feed but superimposed on top is a virtual screen complete with chips. As in a virtual table game, the player then simply drags the desired number of chips onto the right place on the betting table which will see the bet placed. The dealer has a small screen of their own where they can view these actions, thus allowing them to correctly pay out at the end of a round.

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Types of Games at a Live Casino

Currently, live casinos offer a great selection of table games. The most commonly found of these are blackjack and roulette, each available with a number of different versions. For example, blackjack is available with various different deck numbers or with different speeds and buy-in rates. Roulette offers players the chance to access both the European and American wheels. They even give players the choice of using the La Partage rule, making gaming even more exciting. A recent addition to the roulette games is a game called Dual Roulette which takes place in a real casino rather than a studio as many other games occur.

This allows players to converse with both online and physical players. Broadening the scope of the game. Baccarat is also commonly found as a live casino game. Though this should more accurately be labelled as Punto Banco as this is closer to the variant used. Baccarat games also have a selection on offer including commission and no commission versions.

Live games have slowly but steadily continued to widen their scope and have now added a number of different poker variants to their repertoire. Currently, the way that Texas Hold’em is played has proven to be a little difficult to transition to this way of playing, but other poker variants such as Casino Hold’em, Three Card Poker and Caribbean Stud poker have all made the crossover to live games with great success. Less common are games such as Pai Gow, Red Dog and Dreamcatcher Wheel though these can all be found if you look hard enough.

More recently, there have been a couple of live slot games joining the ranks of the live games with players being able to join in on a wheel of fortune style bonus game. Complete with a dealer dressed as a mermaid in one incarnation. No matter what your taste. Live casinos have something for everyone and with the constantly growing library, this is only going to improve.

Live or Virtual Blackjack – What’s the Difference?

Online casinos offer two different game types of blackjack. These are virtual and live. Both have their merits but also downsides. As a new player, it can be confusing to know which option to choose. Virtual blackjack games are operated in a very similar manner to slot games. They are run on specific software with random number generators – essentially the player is competing against a computer. These games are unbiased and offer players a relaxed way of playing blackjack as they can play at their leisure. The game can also be played in demo mode at many casinos which means that players have the opportunity to check out the game first.

This ability to practice before putting in real money can prove to be invaluable.Virtual games also come in a number of different options such as different numbers of decks being used, varying rules and more, allowing players to get a really good grounding in what the game is all about.

Live games, on the other hand, offer a faster paced, realistic take on blackjack games. These games are set up in a live studio with real dealers and tables. Video cameras are set up to capture all of the action and these feeds are then streamed live to the players who join the game. This type of blackjack gives a more immersive experience to players, bringing the thrill of the casino environment directly to the player’s home. Players can interact with the other players at the table and even converse with the dealer themselves, gaining a few useful tips along the way.

However, this is not necessarily the best start for beginners as the game will be played just as quickly as it would in a casino setting. Live games also come in many different variants and with different bet levels which means they cater to a wide range of players. In some casinos, these games are also offered with dealers able to speak different languages.

Betting Strategies at a Live Casino

As with all games, players always want there to be a series of perfect winning tips and betting strategies that go along with it. Of course, as there are a number of different games on offer, there are specific strategies that can be implemented. However, when it comes to general playing at the casino, your best bet at getting ahead is knowing your bankroll and having some good betting strategies in place. Before you get really settled in to picking a betting system however, the first thing to do is budget carefully, making sure that the money in your bankroll is money you can afford to lose.

This is highly important when it comes to being successful as a gambler. You should also place any bets you make very carefully, ensuring that it is something you can maintain for a long period of time so that you can get the most out of the game and the players around you.

With that in mind, we can now move on to the various betting systems that can be adopted for all the different live casino games. The first is the Martingale, also considered to be a positive system. Here, players are required to select a start bet and with each successive win, increase the bet. As soon as you hit a loss, the bet reverts to the original one and the whole process repeats. This is where it becomes important to pay attention to your bankroll – don’t raise your bets by too much because even with the wins you’ll run out of bankroll. Negative systems work in a similar fashion, but just the opposite.

The Reverse Martingale simply emulates the Martingale but instead of increasing the bets on a win, you do so on a loss. The idea here is that you’ll negate the losses when you hit a win simply because the winning bet will be a large one. However, poor bankroll management can see you run dry very quickly.

Why Play at a Live Casino?

Playing at a live casino is an exhilarating experience. As we already mentioned, it provides the perfect opportunity to experience the real casino ambience, all from the comfort of your home. The fact that you can converse with other players is, in our opinion, a huge bonus. In this fashion you can meet players from around the world, learn from them, and potentially improve your game. The majority of the games that are played in live casino format are also against the dealer only so there is no rivalry between the players, but rather a camaraderie can build up instead much like it already does in games such as baccarat and blackjack.

Who knows, you might even build up a friendship along the way as you share tips and tricks. Live games provide invaluable experience for playing other games within the casino as well as for when (or if) you ever decide to hit up a land-based casino … Vegas here we come!

A concern that is frequently raised by players used to virtual games is how safe and secure the live games are. With virtual games regularly audited for gaming fairness. And running in random number generators. Players can rest easy knowing that all is equal. Live games are different as the human element becomes involved. Something that many players actually prefer as things can actually go in their favour. However, all the dealers and croupiers are trained to the same standards as those for land-based casinos. It is the same job after all. There are also pit bosses keeping an eye on things. Ready to intervene if needed.

Don’t forget that all the tables are covered with live cameras. So if the dealer attempts anything slightly dodgy. Well, it won’t take long for them to get caught! Live casinos are also regularly audited for gaming fairness. Making them just as acceptable and unbiased as the rest of the casino games.

Choosing Where to Play

Now that you know a bit more about the process of live casinos. You should know where to actually play one of these games. There are a large number of factors that players should take into consideration when looking at the where to play. Firstly, there is the issue of trustworthiness and security. You should always check to see if a casino is fully licensed. And has a governing body ensuring it follows the rules and regulations. You can also see of the casino has any certifications of the aforementioned gaming fairness.

These can often be found at the base of the main page and will usually be from companies such as TST or eCogra. It is also a good idea to have a look at reviews written by other players in order to see how quick payouts are. What customer service is like. And the user experience on the whole. Once you know that the casino offers a secure platform. It’s time to look at the games.

As live casinos are still relatively new (in the grand scheme of things) to the online casino world. Many casinos do not have a wide range of choices. If there is a particular game you’d like to play. Then go find it! Don’t settle for the first casino that looks secure because you won’t truly have fun. Some casinos on the other hand. Have a vast range of options with some casinos even making live games their main focus.

Something to look out for when searching for a game or good place to play are the providers that the casino uses. In the online live gaming world, there is really one standout and this is Evolution Gaming. They are the pioneers of Live Casino games among the game providers, though NetEnt runs them a close second in what they can offer. Casinos use providers like these because they provide both top-of-the-line gaming and a trusted, fair place for their customers to play.

Live Casino Bonuses

As the live casino genre grows, more and more players want to join. However, quite often they do need a little incentive and this often comes in the form of a live casino bonus of some kind. These bonuses tend to operate along the same lines as the standard bonuses found elsewhere in casinos. The usual offering is a match deposit bonus. Which sees players depositing an amount into their account between specified minimum and maximum values. The casino will then match this. How much of a match you get will depend entirely on the casino. But live casino bonuses tend to sit anywhere between a 50% match through to 100%.

This is a very lucrative way of getting your live casino gaming career underway as you can often find yourself with double the bankroll. This is great if you are a new player testing out the lay of the land. As live games cannot be played in demo mode!

Another commonly awarded live casino bonus tends to come later on once a player has been at the casino for a longer period of time. This is the reload bonus, which operates exactly the same as the match deposit bonus, though often with a lower match percentage. Also commonly awarded are the cashback bonuses. These bonuses are awarded to players who have spent, and more importantly, lost a specific sum of money. Usually these need players to make a certain value of bets within a specified time frame.

Cashback bonuses will award a percentage of the loss back to the player which means that some of these bets are essentially risk free. Joining loyalty programmes at any of these casinos can also see you earning further bonuses the longer you stay. Whilst bonuses can help players enjoy these games to their fullest, please bear in mind that the wagering requirements that come along with them should be paid attention to as well!

Live Casino Etiquette

One of the biggest differences between playing virtual games at an online casino as compared to a live game is that there is a certain code of conduct that players are expected to abide by. This means that, because players can interact with each other and the dealer, players are expected to be polite and respectful at all times. A varied set of conversations can be had with the dealer, but some are off limits and if players are caught breaching these subjects, they run the risk of being removed from the game or indeed the casino completely.

Most casinos will have a specific list of expected behaviours within the live casino with the goal of promoting a friendly and accommodating environment. For the most part, this is common sense and players really shouldn’t need to read through all the rules. Common sense would dictate maintaining a respectful demeanour to both players and dealers alike when participating in this kind of game.

Final Words

Live casinos, despite their relatively young age. Are fast becoming one of the most sought after gaming genres in the industry. The fact that they bring the ambience of the real life casino directly to a player’s home is a huge part of the charm. For many, the lure is also in the fact that they can compete against other real players. Learning from them and honing their own skills as they go. Even more excitingly. Live casinos have further transitioned. Online casinos can now be accessed via mobile devices of all different types. This has brought an even greater dimension of accessibility to the game.

Whether at home or on the move,. You’re now able to get the rush of a live game. So, what are you waiting for? Head out there now. Find a great set of live games and get playing! Make sure to brush up on your particular game’s rules, though. Whilst playing responsibly. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be a winner!