Merkur Gaming

Despite not being one of the heavy hitters in the online casino industry, Merkur Gaming has actually been around for a long time in various forms. In fact, for years the main aim of this company was to create physical slot machines. Rather than online ones and it was only when the online industry became so popular that the transition was made. The company is still making the change to online usage, meaning that a lot of its games are still unavailable for the online audience. However, those that are available are of an extremely high quality and are a lot of fun to play.

A Short History of Merkur Gaming

Merkur Gaming is part of the Gauselmann Group, which has been in operation in Germany since 1957. The actual company Merkur wasn’t really a part of it until 2006 when it became a small offshoot from the larger parent company. As we mentioned, even then, the main focus of the company was producing and maintaining slot machines in bricks and mortar casinos around the world. Interestingly, the company was also instrumental in producing the banknote recycling machine. This machine takes in notes and exchanges them for coins, always ensuring that there is money available for the players to use.

We should mention here that while their foray into the iGaming world began in 2006, it was their acquisition of Edict eGaming in 2008 that really spurred the company on in this area. This acquisition meant that the company could now provide its games to a larger number of new casinos, finally allowing players across the globe to experience what the company had to offer. In 2015, this audience was widened even further as Merkur Gaming was granted a license with the UK Gaming Commission, bringing all of its games to the British public as well. Since then, the provider has continued to make progressive steps in the industry.

Slot Games

Merkur Gaming’s slots might put off some of the newer players out there who are more used to flashy graphics. This is because the overall graphic quality is not quite at the level of many of the big providers we all know and love. Instead, the company offers a more old-school setup, which some might view as dated. However, for others, this is just an added charm. It’s not just in the looks that the slots are a little different, either. The in-game bonus features are often different from what players these days are used to, but they are still fun and engaging.

For example, on some slots, players can stop the reels whenever they choose. The specific gimmick here is that they can stop them one at a time. This means that players who feel like they have quick hands or a huge amount of luck can actually try to stop the reels where they think they can line up the bonuses. The really big draw, however, is in the huge payouts. Merkur games are known for these and many of their players are in it for the winning potential on offer before all else. In essence, it’s best to go with the flow with fingers firmly crossed.

Extra Features

There are a number of classic slots offered by Merkur that players really shouldn’t miss out on. One of these is the fun Dragon’s Treasure that offers some exciting bonus features all wrapped up in a retro feel. Similarly, there is Knight’s Life, a slot that can really pay out the big bucks if players give it enough time to play through. The final one players should play is Magic Mirror. Like the other two games, it offers a number of simple bonuses all set to a fantasy theme coupled with exciting graphics and the lure of a big win.

A big draw in the extra features section of Merkur slots is the gamble feature. This is one aspect that the provider really has got right. For each bet there are two different gambling options – a card choosing game or a gamble ladder. There are also uncommon line selections available with Fantastic Fruit offering the choice of 10 reels or 64 reels, which changes the RTP of the slot as well as the winning chances.

However, other slots, like King of Luck, operate on just a single reel and has a much more convoluted offering making it not as successful as other slots.

Getting Exposure

It is safe to say that during its very long history in the industry. Merkur Gaming has picked up an award or two here and there. Whilst most of the time, the games will speak for themselves, having something that shows industry recognition is a nice bonus for both the provider and the potential player. However, surprisingly, Merkur Gaming does not have that many awards listed on their site. Instead, it has a long list of highly successful conferences, expos and more all around the world. Having recently branched out from Germany, the company has seen success in South America.

Over the past few years, Merkur has delivered new features and games to countries around the world. Providing their games and information in a series of successful presentations. At such events as the brand new exhibition in Las Vegas’ National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) exhibition. The South American Gaming and Suppliers Expo in Argentina, in-house exhibitions in Belgrade and many more. At each of these events, Merkur Gaming has proved to be hugely successful, garnering further support for its brand. And the new gaming platforms it unveils. With each of these attendances, Merkur Gaming reveals itself to an ever-widening audience. Enabling more players to try out their games.

Responsible Play and Fair Gaming

Merkur Gaming makes huge efforts to offer a safe and fair site for both players and operators alike. In order to comply with all the fair gaming rules that are put in place by the various jurisdictions. Merkur ensures that all its games are regularly audited and carefully tested for fairness by Gaming Laboratories International. This certification is one that is desired by slot providers around the world. And gives Merkur a hefty boost in this area. This high level of testing helps to ease any fears players might have when playing the games at any of the Merkur casinos.

In addition to this, Merkur Gaming is licensed within a number of different jurisdictions allowing them to offer their games to a wide range of players. These jurisdictions all have various regulations that must be followed in order for the games to remain available under their authority. Merkur also makes sure that players are safe and responsible when they play. By ensuring that they are armed with the full knowledge of responsible gaming. Merkur provides links to helplines, self-exclusion options through the various operators it works with. And also has reality checks to keep players updated on how long they’ve been playing and how much they’ve gambled.

Final Words

Merkur Gaming games have an odd charm to them though it is not one that every player will appreciate. For players that like the retro feel. Merkur offers a plentiful supply, coupled with some bizarre features offering a range of options. Including the ability to choose the number of paylines in use. Most players can get past the slightly annoying sound. And visual setup simply because these slots really do have some big payouts up their sleeves. Added to this, the company strives to make everything fair, taking its responsibility in the gaming world very seriously. Go now to one of the casinos supplying their games and see for yourself.

Feb 01,2019