If you’re an online casino connoisseur, you’re no stranger to the wave of new slot releases we’ve had over the past few years. iGaming developers seem to be racing to release new content, and while this might sound like a good thing, it often leaves us with uninspired games that seem like a repeat of the same old things. Thankfully, not everyone is stuck in this loop. Publishers like Relax Gaming are putting tons of effort into premium games that bring something new to the table, and it’s obvious when you check out their latest release Jurassic Party!

Camp Never Fails in the Jurassic Party Slot

A game’s design is crucial to its success. If we’re spending time on these slots, they need to be eye-catching, fun, and engaging. Unfortunately, many developers have been straying from the campy look of classic themed slots and opting to go for something with a more serious tone. While these types of games can undoubtedly be a hoot, there’s something about the slapstick nature of old-school slots that resonates better with fans.

Thankfully, the Jurassic Party slot isn’t like most slots these days. As is apparent from the title, the game doesn’t take itself too seriously. It boasts a comedic mix of the prehistoric world theme and the flashy party theme. The result of this is an artistic masterpiece. The game is filled with various dinosaur species trying to relax and live their best lives. You can see them appear as symbols on the reels, along with dinosaur eggs and a beach getaway background.

Features Galore

While the hilarious design of the Jurassic Party slot is enough to entice most players, its excellent features are what keep them coming back for more! Jurassic Party slot is a highly volatile game with a 7×7 grid. Not only is its base game fun, but it boasts several unique mechanics to keep the party going. These include the rewarding Combo Feature Free Spins and Combo Feature Re-Spins that carry wins of up to 20,000x the initial stake!

The Combo Feature Free Spins mechanic activates when three Scatters land on the grid. When active, players are privy to Feature Picks. These unique modifiers include converting symbols into wilds, additional free spins, various upgrades, and expanding symbols! Players can also get extra Feature Picks by additional Scatters triggering Free Spins. The Combo Feature Re-Spin activates if two Scatter symbols happen to be on the reels when a spin ends. Re-spins trigger automatically and award at least two random features.

Another interesting addition to this slot is the Mega Bet. If you want bigger prizes, you can activate this feature for 50% of the regular bet amount. With this at your side, you’ll be granted one more feature when the Combo Feature Free Spin or Combo Feature Re-Spins are activated.


It’s easy to assume that Jurassic Party has a bright future ahead. Not only does this game have one of the most hilariously creative themes we’ve encountered, but it’s packed with rewarding mechanics that can lead to big wins. On all accounts, it’s an excellent choice for any slot fan!

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Jun 29,2022