FansBet Review

FansBet Casino UK extends well beyond just a regular, run of the mill casino. It is instead a complete betting site, in fact, it is the only betting site of its kind where supporters of the team they love always keep the chance of benefitting, even if they do not back a winner. FansBet is the globe’s only bookmaker that lets sporting fans join the thrill and exhilaration of betting by vowing to split half of its profits with the supporter crowd. Owned by Rush Partners Ltd. FansBet Casino UK clearly makes its mark in the intense gaming world by standing out from the crowd by venturing beyond the world of online casino gaming.

Bonuses at FansBet Casino

In keeping with its dual faceted nature, FansBet offers bonuses for both parts of its user base; those interested in sports betting as well as those more into the regular casino arena. With an initial minimum deposit requirement of £20 GBP or more, FansBet UK enables it sporting users to avail 5% cashback, with a maximum cashback amount of £20 GBP on a £400 GBP wager. However, any availed bonus is only functional for a 30 day period, after which it expires. For the casino players, on the other hand, FansBet Casino allows them to avail a 100% casino bonus which weighs up to a maximum amount of £200 GBP which must be used up within a 30 day period. Again, this too entails an initial minimum deposit requirement of £20 GBP or more with a 45 turn wagering liability.

FansBet Casino Promotions


Apart from the regular bonus offers, FansBet also displays a variety of promotional offers extending across a range of different games and categories. These offers are regularly updated, with periodically changing promotions for different games after every short period of time. Of these, some of the top contenders include boosts which allow the user to amp up their winning chances, with examples including ACCA and Fan boosts. The casino also offers exclusive benefits such as extra place races or special timed bonuses which extend up to great amounts of £300 GBP in place of a mere 2% cashback. In short, this online casino offers its customers some of the most exclusive and premium amenities in the market.

Casino Games & Providers

There are no two opinions when it comes to the matter of FansBet UK’s gaming options, for they offer, without a doubt, some of the most diverse and well spread out selection of games in the industry. FansBet’ sporting options extend to cover in excess of 30 sports with the likes of football, tennis, cricket, handball, horse racing and rugby, as well as many other, being a part of this collection. In terms of the casino gaming arena, the table is as widely spread with options including slots, table games, scratch cards, live casinos, jackpots and roulette, amongst many others. At FansBet Casino, we have got all the fan favourites, including Golden Monkey, Book of Dead and Vikings go Wild, to name but a few.

Responsible Gaming at FansBet

At FansBet Casino UK, the safety and security of our users are as important to us as is their enjoyment. It is essential for this purpose that we engage in and propagate the practice of Responsible Gaming. We understand that the world of gambling can take a dark turn if left unchecked. Our partnership with Gamblers Anonymous and Gambling Therapy helps users combat this reality by helping them to maintain a check and balance over their activities.

Additionally, FansBet has also implemented its own collection of tools and limits to prevent the rise of irresponsible gambling. These measures include an extensive match of limit management, which inculcates a combination of deposit, loss, wagering and session limits to help the user closely monitor their online gambling activity. We also give our users the option to opt for time outs and self exclusions, with the first being a more temporary version in comparison to the second. Time outs typically range between 1 to 6 days whereas self exclusions can vary from a minimum of 6 months to an upper limit of 5 years after which you can regain access to your account with an additional 24 hour cooling period being levied.


As a whole, FansBet Casino is slowly but surely on its way to truly revitalizing the UK based gaming experience by inculcating both gambling and sports betting into one platform. We further strive for perfection by offering our users at Spinsify UK the best promotional deals, a wholly safe platform to engage with and the largest variety of games witnessed in the gaming arena.