Scientific Games is no stranger to the world of gambling. The company traces its roots back to the early 20th century, so it’s safe to say it’s been around for quite some time now. As you can probably imagine, it has amassed a wealth of knowledge about the industry over the years and reached incredible successes that many of us have heard about. Among other things, these include top-performing online games, iconic land-based slots, and more than a few great partnerships. From today their new name is Light & Wonder casino provider!

Through all its successes, Scientific Games has learned that one thing tends to stay constant – change! The company understands that change is necessary for growth, which is why it’s decided to rebrand and continue doing business under a new name – Light & Wonder casino provider! This is fantastic news soon after the second latest news – when Push Gaming signed a deal with them, read more about it here!

Hopes and Goals for Light & Wonder casino provider

While the American company has explored various gambling avenues in the past, its main focus has always been the mechanized wonders of the traditional land-based casino world. It’s undoubtedly achieved more than enough incredible feats in this sphere, but it’s decided to take a new multi-pronged approach that reaches new audiences and takes the future into account.

Light & Wonder takes a cross-platform approach, putting its focus on online games, land-based casino games, and mobile. Not only that, but it aims to provide top-tier real money titles, along with fun free-to-play games that it hopes will dominate the increasingly popular world of social gaming. We can safely say that fans of the developer will love the new approach! Thanks to this newfound focus on different gaming products, they’ll be privy to much more variety from a beloved studio.

Making Moves

Introducing the company under its new name Light & Wonder has been a strategic choice. Since the game & casino software provider is implementing a new approach in how it operates, a new identity feels in tune with the novel ideas it plans to present. Essentially, Light & Wonder hopes that players will associate its new and unique offerings with a name that inspires. While the company is currently operating under an assumed name, a legal name change is expected in the Spring of 2022.

If you’re wondering what ventures Light & Wonder has undertaken recently, you might be surprised to learn that it’s made a few bold moves. Mainly, to fit its plans for more diverse content, the company is searching for ideas related to lotteries and sports betting, on top of creative casino content. Nothing is set in stone yet, but these plans, and more, will likely be optimized for both instant play online and mobile gaming.

An Online Overhaul

One thing to note about the company’s rebrand is the new image that comes with it. To better reflect its values, Light & Wonder has created a snazzy logo, eye-catching graphics, and a brand-new website that features some of its land-based, online, and mobile ventures. On top of this, players will also find Light & Wonder’s plans for the future, along with a look at the platforms and hardware it has to offer on the website. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can visit

Mar 29,2022