Wayne Rooney’s salary paid by 32Red

Labour Party and Sports Minister criticize the involvement of football clubs with gambling brands and online casinos these days. In the recent news where Wayne Rooney was criticized by the Church of England and some health professionals of being involved with an online betting company has put the sports minister into thinking that the association between football and gambling operators has become out of control.

Wayne Rooney, who was the former England captain, has signed with the Championship side salary of £90,000 per week. A part of the said amount will be borne by online casino 32Red. It was also revealed that wearing a 32 number t-shirt for the club would be a part of his deal. The famous footballer will wear the 32 number t-shirt when he joins the Championship club Derby County as a player-coach in January next year. 32Red is the shirt sponsor of Derby County and Wayne Rooney is going to honor the deal between the betting firm and football club by wearing number 32.

UK Gambling sector has recently been receiving a lot of criticisms. And after this partnership, Derby County and Wayne Rooney have both been dragged into this disparagement. Lawmakers and campaigners have lately been criticizing such partnerships between sports and gambling companies. According to them, a negative message is sent across the audience – collaboration such as this for the people would mean gambling is not bad and indulging in it is just pure entertainment.

The Labour Party has sworn to make the promotion of gambling brands through sports, especially football club illegal if they are elected. Shadow Sports Minister, Rosena Allin Khan revealed that despite several commitments made to lower the number of gambling advertisements in football, the gambling brands just don’t seem to give up. The numbers of gambling brands and their association with football clubs seem to be increasing by the day.

Out of the 20 Premier League clubs, 10 have their shirts sponsored by gambling brands

Out of the 20 Premier League Clubs, 10 Have their Shirts Sponsored by Gambling Brands.

Both Rosena and the Labour Party agree that things have got out of control and that Wayne Rooney’s association with 32Red is something completely new in the world of football and gambling partnership.

According to the reports, 10 Premier League Clubs will be wearing t-shirts that have been sponsored by gambling brands in the 2019-20 season of football. Along with this 14 out of the 24 teams playing in SkyBet Championship will also have t-shirts that have been sponsored by gambling companies for the 2019-20 season of football.

Football Clubs Sponsored by Gambling Brands

Presently the Premier League Football clubs whose t-shirts have been sponsored by gambling brands are:

  • Aston Villa F.C. (W88)
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. (ManBetX)
  • Newcastle United F.C. (Fun88)
  • Everton F.C. (SportPesa)
  • Watford (Sportsbet)
  • A.F.C. Bournemouth (M88)
  • Norwich City F.C. (dafabet)
  • Crystal Palace F.C. (ManBetX)
  • West Ham United F.C. (Betway)
  • Burnley F.C. (LoveBet)

The Football Association has announced a new rule for this season’s football. The players cannot be involved in any audio or video advertisements of gambling brands. However, they have been permitted to be involved in print advertisements for gambling brands. Junior strips of British football clubs have been prohibited from participating in any sort of betting advertisement.

Aug 21,2019