Receiving the highest ranks of technological standards that are accepted on an international level is something that every online casino provider strives to achieve. This implies the fact that the content that they are producing implements all of the specifications that are accepted all around the world. This is just the case with Pragmatic Play, an online casino content provider that has managed to prove its worth and determination, and now is awarded the well-established ISO 27001 certification.

This means that Pragmatic Play is hitting all of the specific requirements, as well as security measures that provide the necessary accreditation and qualification in order to perform on an international level. Continue reading to find out more about these high honours that Pragmatic Play has acquired.

Why Is the ISO 27001 Certification Important?

Exploring the security properties is one of the biggest deals of the online entertainment industry, especially when it comes to dealing with the online casino gaming world. This ISO 27001 is a well-established international standard that allows game providers like Pragmatic Play to implement the approved information security management system, ISMS, within the content that they create.

With the establishment of the specific requirement for the information security management segment, the ISO 27001 certification allows Pragmatic Play to manage the security assets that will allow players to have an enjoyable time playing their favourite online casino games.

Furthermore, this ISO 27001 certification will give Pragmatic Play a chance to explore and implement the highest standards of security properties, which will provide the required assurance that each of the players’ needs. All of this will allow Pragmatic Play to build and enhance the overall performance, as well as establish a trusting relationship with their users by providing them with the necessary security measures that will protect their data.

This certification will further help Pragmatic Play to thrive on an international level while creating quality and certified content that players from all over the world can enjoy.

Additional Outlooks from Pragmatic Play

The Head of Information Security at Pragmatic Play, Andrey Zhelo, said that they are thrilled and quite happy with the opportunity to explore the world of possibilities that this ISO 27001 certification will bring them. They are completely committed to maintaining all of the requirements that are part of this well-established certification, thus, explore all of the benefits that the ISO 27001 certification has to offer.

They are extremely proud of the acquirement of this certification which indicates the highest standards of security performance that one organization can uphold. This certificate will help them make their mark within the international world of online casino games, as well as help them come out with some of the most exciting and engaging game titles in the near future.

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Aug 19,2021