The UK Gambling Commission has launched a public consultation, asking the industry and the consumers to have a say in tackling the issues with gambling harm.

This is not the first time the UK Gambling Commission has asked for public opinion and players’ feedback when it comes to safer and fairer gambling. See what the regulator gives you a chance to do.

Have a Say on Stricter Rules for Reducing Gambling Harm

The UK Gambling Commission is inviting everyone involved in the industry, players included, to have a say on tougher rules and regulation, especially when it comes to identification and customer affordability. The regulator launched a public consultation asking for views and feedback from operators, players and stakeholders on stronger requirements on online operators to identify players who may be at risk of gambling harm.

The consultation also invites stakeholders to give feedback and proposals on how to strengthen the expectations on gambling firms to act on the information they have about players’ vulnerability and to interact with them, conduct assessments of whether those players’ gambling habits were affordable at thresholds as set by the Commission.

The Gambling Commission is also asking for opinions on what the thresholds for the affordability checks and identification should be and their nature. Everyone with an opinion is free to share it with the Commission, which will then use it for further research on the matter. To share your feedback as an online casino player, or share your opinions on the subject, you would need to go to the UK Gambling Commission’s official website and click on the links that take you to the consultation. If you want safer and fairer gambling, and you probably do, you should use your voice and share your stance, because of every opinion matters. You could be the change, the drive that makes the online gambling industry better for every player, you included, so don’t miss out on your chance to give your opinion.

The Commission’s Executive Director Had a Statement to Share on His Own

Tim Miller, the UK Gambling Commission’s Executive Director said that whilst some operators have continued to improve their player interaction processes, the Commission’s evidence showed that there were still many operators which were not setting thresholds for action at appropriate levels. These operators were not taking the needed action or acting fast enough when they needed to identify the risks of potential harm.

The Executive Director added that the Commission was clear on the need for operators to take further action. He said that the Commission needed to set firm requirements to set consistent standards which needed to be followed. But to do that, the regulator decided to have an open discussion with the players, the gambling industry, other stakeholders and the people with lived experience on the matter, to ensure that it struck the right balance between ensuring that there were protections in place to prevent gambling harm and player freedom.

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