The state of the iGaming industry has never been better. The scene is bustling with hot new releases that tend to cover every genre, but no other game category has seen as much activity as slots. These titles have always been a dime a dozen in online casinos, but with so many new ones entering operator lobbies, it’s hard to choose ones that are worth the hassle. While many of these games are being dished out for the sake of it, only a few developers put in time and effort where it counts. If you want to enjoy one of the latter, Wazdans’ Hot Slot: 777 Crown is a great choice!

A Retro Look in the Hot Slot 777 Crown

Slots are undoubtedly the most versatile game category in the online gambling space. In the last decade, we’ve seen these games take up countless themes to grab and maintain our attention. From epic fantasy adventures with swords and dragons to exotic beach parties and colorful cocktails, we’ve seen it all. While it’s hard to fault developers for trying out something new, these wacky themes can be a bit too much sometimes. Because of this, Hot Slot: 777 Crown takes it back to the good old days of classic slot games, featuring an old-school look with a modern twist.

If you’re a veteran casino fan with fond memories of old-fashioned slots, you’re in for a treat. Hot Slot 777 Crown is as retro as it gets. It features a simple classy theme with a royal red background accentuated with subtle dark patterns. The symbols in the game are the definition of classic. They include the typical letters and numbers we still see today, along with various fruits on the shiny golden reels! On top of this, players will also run into the titular crown design used as an additional game symbol.

Exciting Features

Wazdan is known for releasing games with top-notch features and Hot Slot 777 Crown is no exception. The slot features 20 pay lines and more than enough ways to win. The first thing players can look forward to in this game is the Scatter symbols. These give players a chance to claim the crown and set the wheels on fire! The wins from this can go up to 305x the initial bet, so you can expect hefty prizes that are bound to keep you engaged for a while.

On top of this, the game includes several of Wazdan’s proprietary customizable features. If you’re not familiar with these unique additions, you’re in for a wild ride. These features allow players to tweak various aspects of the game to suit their personal preferences. The adjustable volatility levels are a great example. Depending on what you’re comfortable with, you can increase or decrease the game’s base volatility to match your play style.


Wazdan never disappoints with slot releases. While this new addition is a far cry from what we’re used to from the publisher, it’s a wonderful nostalgia trip everyone can get behind. The game’s retro feel is perfect for veterans, while its exciting modern features are more than enough to entice newbies.

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Jun 27,2022