WMS Gaming

WMS Gaming may not have the dominant standing that some of the other software providers have. But it nevertheless offers an outstanding range of games with a variety of options. The company as a whole actually has a very long history in the casino industry. And though it may have come to the online platform a little later than others, its extensive experience has allowed it to be highly successful in a short span of time. With the goal of providing the best gaming experience. Each of their games offers top of the line technology alongside interesting gameplay, great graphics and some rather exciting themes.

History of WMS Gaming

WMS Gaming actually goes all the way back to 1943 when the company Williams Manufacturing Company, as it was known then, was established. Harry Williams, the founder, was best known for creating the ’tilt’ mechanism found in pinball machines of that era. During that time, WMS focused solely on these types of machines, producing a number of different versions, including some electro-mechanical options. For years, this was the staple game offering from the company before they began to move into arcade games during the 1980s. In the 1990s, the company gradually turned its attention to mechanical slots. As the shift in the gaming industry became apparent.

WMS Gaming made the transition slowly. It wasn’t until 2010 that the company actually joined the ranks of online slot providers. Even then, this was done as an experimental foray into this area of the industry with the company only releasing a few games for testing. These were initially tested on the UK market due to the fact that it offers some of the strictest regulations, but also has some of the most enthusiastic players. The following year, WMS released their games in the US, partnering with Large Animal Games and offering a number of their games for free use on Facebook. Since then the company hasn’t looked back.

Slot Games

WMS Gaming primarily focuses on slots and these generally have great graphics and a nice and easy interface. However, although many offer fun and engaging extra features, they do not have an autoplay option or even a speed change functionality. All the gaming information can be found on each slot when players look at the paytable and information menu. This includes the value of the individual symbols as well as return to player rates. The RTPs for the slot games is excellent with most being around 96%, though some are even higher at 98% making them rather exceptional in the industry.

Players should note that these higher RTPs are only available when playing with the highest stakes. WMS Gaming also uses a lot of branded content in its slot games and this includes Monopoly and the Rainbow Riches series. The bonus features for all their games are creative and vary greatly from slot to slot including innovative features such as colossal reels and even multiple reel setups with additional paylines and winning opportunities such as can be found in Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome. The games also tend to have medium volatility levels allowing players to get small but constant wins as well as big payouts.

Other gaming options

Though not as detailed as their slot selection, WMS Gaming does offer a number of other casino games as well. This selection is not really big enough to actually stock an entire casino but is much better paired up with other providers to create a more well-rounded library. These additional games include just a few table games such as roulette and some poker variants. However, some of the more commonly offered games such as blackjack or baccarat appear to be absent, leaving this area of their work somewhat lacking and a little disappointing, given the success they have had elsewhere.

We should also mention that WMS Gaming has not stopped in providing games for land-based casinos as well. They continually release new games for brick and mortar casinos with a great selection of steppers that come with a pull handle and a range of denominational betting options. All of these physical slot games come with full HD displays, large decks and top of the line sound and graphics. They even have advance lighting options alongside ergonomic keyboard functions to fully help players relax and settle in for the long haul when hitting up the games on the casino floor.

Awards and Accolades

WMS Gaming has won a number of awards over the years that it has been active. Some of them are not in the categories one might expect – they quite often win in the business sector. With a bigger client base in the US than any of the other providers. It is only to be expected that many of their awards are found in this country. For example, the company has won at the American Business Awards a number of times. Winning the Stevies Award in 2010 and 2011 for things such as New Product, Management as well as Product Management.

In the years preceding this, WMS has also won a number of more player-focused awards. Which includes scooping four awards at the Interactive Gaming Technology Products Awards in 2008. Earning recognition for a number of their land-based slot machines. They have continued to win multiple accolades in the manufacturing awards department showing just how successful they are in the real casinos. It does appear that at this time their work in the online section of the industry is going largely unnoticed. Which is unfortunate, as their slots are excellent in all areas. Players enjoy them, and at the end of the day, they’re the ones that count.

Fair and Responsible Gaming

In order to comply with rules and regulations in countries around the world, WMS Gaming is licensed with a number of different jurisdictions. They are based in Nevada, but the company has licenses in Europe allowing a wider audience to use their games. These authorities all have strict regulations in place regarding fair gaming and to comply with that. WMS Gaming undergoes regular third party auditing on all its products. This allows players to play at ease, knowing that there is no bias and they have a fair shot at winning any prizes or jackpots that the game might have on offer.

In terms of responsible gaming, the company ensures that there is a reality check function in all its online slots. This means that players can see how long they have been playing as well as how much they have wagered. This can then give them an indication of what their wins and losses are and give them prompts to quit. The games are also available in demo mode and though no money is needed. The same reality check functions are in place. The casinos that WMS Gaming works with also offer self-exclusion options. So that players can remove themselves if they feel it’s becoming an issue.

Final Words

WMS Gaming offers an expansive set of slots for players across all platforms, be it desktop, mobile or even physical. Each game offers a challenging experience to the player, seeking to create nothing but the best in entertainment for them. No matter what format their slots are in. They are all top quality and with the added features and high payout rates, players really can’t go wrong. The lack of any other types of games really isn’t an issue as their slots are so great players don’t really need anything else. For interested players, we suggest heading out and trying a few of their games right now!

Feb 03,2019