If there’s one thing the modern slots age has given us, it’s the freedom to explore exciting stories when these games are in question. Thanks to the top-tier capabilities of current gaming software, we’ve been introduced to some incredible marvels that have changed the way we look at slots. It’s not all about the classic 5×3 fruit-themed reel anymore. While these old-school titles can be fun to go back to from time to time, now is the perfect time to push the boundaries and experiment with gameplay. Thankfully, iSoftBet’s mystical new release does just that, cheers – Rise of the Genie! To learn more, keep reading.

An Elevated Classic – Rise of the Genie

As you might have guessed by the title, Rise of the Genies doesn’t follow a brand new premise we haven’t seen before. The game is an elevated twist on the classic mysticism of genies and their magic wishes, all wrapped up in a modern design package that’s bound to catch anyone’s eye. To draw in users, it uses an enchanting mix of cartoonish design styles with elements of realism here and there. Surprisingly, it works wonders!

The designs featured in the game are stunning to look at. First, it’s hard to miss the illustrious background. It includes a picturesque view of the desert at night, with a beautiful ancient temple taking center stage. The symbols in the game are nothing to scoff at either. They include the titular Genie’s lamp, a spell book covered in gems, and beautiful golden flowers with a shining rock right in the middle. The game’s mascot also appears on the reels if you’re lucky. The genie pops up as a win animation during certain combos!

Surprising Gameplay

While the theme of Rise of the Genie is interesting and its design is beautiful, the true spark in this game comes from the gameplay itself. The slot is far from what a classic slot looks like. It features a three-reel layout with a built-in risk and reward system. Essentially, patience is rewarded here. The longer players hold out, the better their prizes! Of course, things aren’t that simple. The game’s mascot isn’t the nicest of genies, so he’s always lurking around in the shadows, just waiting to spoil your fun!

The gameplay itself isn’t too hard to follow. Winning combos advance one of the three Cash Pots on the reels. Different symbols fill out different Cash Pots, so it’s good to remember that the Lamp Symbols correspond to the biggest Cash Pot in the middle of the reels. You can collect the Cash Pots at any time, but the ultimate goal is to have them reach the top of the ladders! If you do this, you’ll trigger the Instant Pays feature, where the remaining full pots hand out extra wins.

While all of this sounds incredibly fun, it’s good to remember the mischievous genie and the evil plans we mentioned earlier. At any point in the game, the titular character can appear randomly and topple your progress! Yes, his evil magic can even stop the fun when you’ve reached the top of a ladder!

Aug 04,2022